Vergil and Nova Tutorial
Season Ultimate ASSIST ME!, Episode 5
Release date 11/1/2011
Written by Matthew Simmons
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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The Vergil and Nova Tutorial is the fifth episode of Ultimate ASSIST ME!, the official tutorial series for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. It was originally released on YouTube November 1, 2011. The episode was written by Matthew Simmons and directed by Maximilian Christiansen, the series creator.


Max and Doom are seen sleeping on the couch, possibly had a long night playing UMvC3, as Doom wakes up. He decides to take some fresh air outside however once he opens the window and watches the neighborhood being torched by Firebrand. Max wakes up after hearing the sound from outside and is curious about it but Doom lies that there's nothing going on. Max then became extremely worried as they're running out of time as they need to master the rosters or become Galactus' lunch. Doom suggests calling Dante and Max agrees until Vergil appeared on the seat next to them saying that calling Dante isn't necessary. Doom asks who is that 'golden ray of sunshine' and Max replies that it's Vergil from Devil May Cry. As Max explains to Doom about Vergil that he's half-demon and not particularly fond of the human side while Vergil comments that at least Max isn't as stupid as Doom is. After Doom retorts about Vergil's family turn their hair grey early, Vergil draws his sword and tells them that if they want to save their "pathetic species," they need his help. In return he wants them to be as good as Dante, thus starting his tutorial.

After Vergil's tutorial, Max said that he could be devastating character if added with patience, but Doom said of what's the point of a samurai sword against his "Five Finger Lasers of Doom". Vergil said that only a fool trusts their life to technology. Doom retaliate by mocking Vergil that he'll spank him so hard he'll run home to his mother, only to infuriate Vergil making him say that his mother is dead and walk away to Max's kitchen. Max is annoyed about what Doom says about his dead mother and asks him to apologize and cheer Vergil as he's in his kitchen now. At first Doom refuses until Max threaten him that he'll let him help himself to all the yogurt in the fridge if he doesn't. Hearing that, Doom reluctantly goes to the kitchen to try and cheer Vergil up, ending up getting Vergil more annoyed, threatening Doom by drawing his sword, saying that people like him are the reason he wants to destroy humanity. Doom couldn't think of anything else but then seeing Ammy run up to him, he picked her up, saying if he wants a puppy but fails to convince him. Doom getting frightened and suggested that he needs a friend with a positive attitude and a sunny outlook. Max suggested Nova, in which Doom doesn't knows him. Max decides to show him who's Nova thus starting Nova's tutorial.

After Nova's tutorial, Max asked him if he's ready to give humanity another chance however Vergil says no, saying that Dante was way too good in Vanilla, and if people would stop looking up to him, he'd feel a little better. Doom compliments that he likes Vergil better, as he at least keeps a shirt on in which Vergil agrees but doesn't convince him to not wipe humanity. Max ask Doom if there is anything else he could help Vergil out like '40 special moves' or something. Doom thinks for a moment and snaps his finger to create an amulet appear and gives it to Vergil. He recognize his mother's amulet and with it he could open the seal of Sparda, unleashing Hell's Gate and humanity will perish. Doom tells him to do that while Vergil thanks them for helping him and sealing humanity's fate and laughs and disappear. Max asked Doom of that was a good idea, but Doom says he gives him only an art project he made a few weeks ago, then took out the real amulet. Curious, Max wonders how did he get that, but Doom wasn't sure himself and then he threw it away, accidentally breaking it, causing a white explosion and Vergil's screaming. As soon the smoke clears out and birds starts chirping, Max tells Doom that he could be humanity's accidental Savior. Agrees on what Max says and as a new Messiah, he orders Max to get more yogurt, thus ending the episode.



  • When Max said who Vergil was, he said that he was Dante's "half" brother, when he's actually his "twin" brother.
  • When Vergil mocks Doom's use of technology while indirectly referring to his "Finger Lasers", this is inaccurate as that move is magic based rather than technological.


'ASSIST ME!' - Vergil and Nova Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Live Action Tutorial

'ASSIST ME!' - Vergil and Nova Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Live Action Tutorial