Phoenix Wright and Iron Fist Tutorial
Season Ultimate ASSIST ME!, Episode 4
Release date 10/26/2011
Written by Matthew Simmons and Maximilian Christiansen
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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The Phoenix Wright and Iron Fist Tutorial is the fourth episode of Ultimate ASSIST ME!, the official tutorial series for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. It was originally released on YouTube October 26, 2011. The episode was co-written by Matthew Simmons and Maximilian Christiansen, and directed by Maximilian, the series creator.

Plot Edit

Doom is walking in checking the mail, seeing various bills, Max's paycheck, and many other things for Max. Max notices that Doom has a letter from the courthouse that he should appear on charges for fraud, espionage and crimes against humanity. Failure to do so will result in Doom being arrested by federal agents. Doom panics as he worries about his children in Latveria. But Max comes up bright idea for the cursed disc that Doom brought. Doom protests "Max! Doom needs a lawyer. Not a Hyper Combo!", but Max's idea is to call in Phoenix Wright, (Why he couldn't use She-Hulk who is also a brilliant lawyer was not explained, although it was probably due to Phoenix Wright being one of the twelve characters that they need to master in order to defeat Galactus) and as he appears, he takes the case, starting his tutorial.

Later after his tutorial, Wright and Doom are in the courthouse with The Judge from Ace Attorney, proving that Doom isn't what people say about his character. To prove it he cross-examine 3 witnesses to testify it. Wesker, who, to Doom's surprise, survived being eaten by Nemesis in episode 3, complains that he stole his girlfriend (Jill) and put him in a human-sized blender before (in a result that Doom's not happy that he's alive), Ammy, who says that Doom steals her food and treats, having Doom respond that he was just curious (much to Wright's confusion and Ammy's anger), and Max, who states that Doom didn't pay the rent and still owes him twenty dollars, in which Doom thinks this is a conspiracy. Soon while Wright and Doom tries to figure out a way to give positive testimony, the Judge informs them to speed things up as he has a lunch date with Miss Walters, so Doom suggest to Wright to call in Iron Fist, leading to Iron Fist's tutorial.

After the tutorial, The Judge is irritated about it, and Wright says "Doom, I though you're going to have Iron Fist to provide some testimony, not have Max talk about it for 5 minutes straight..." in which Doom apologizes about it. Infuriated, The Judge announces the verdict and while he's talking, Max appears behind them telling that if it's necessary for Doom for putting a flaming poop-bag at the Richards lawn while Doom protest that it's a duty as a monarch of Latveria in which Wright heard the word 'monarch'. As soon The Judge was going to pass the verdict, Phoenix yells his trademark OBJECTION!! and goes into Turnabout Mode. Since Doom is not a citizen of the U.S. and is a monarch of Latveria, he has diplomatic immunity and all charges against him have to be dissolved immediately, subsequently saving Doom from 400 years in prison (a slavery nod). After both applause Wright for saving Doom with some compliments about Wright's hair, Doom snaps himself and Max back to the couch. Just then a letter from Wright lands by them and it says he liked taking the case, and requests 52 thousand dollars for his attorney fees, which enrages Doom. After a bit of credits, he thinks that he should pay Wright in Bison Dollars.



  • David P. Graham - alias UltraDavid in the FGC), and the actor who plays Phoenix Wright - is a real life lawyer.


'ASSIST ME!' - Phoenix Wright and Iron Fist Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Live Action Tutorial

'ASSIST ME!' - Phoenix Wright and Iron Fist Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Live Action Tutorial