Ghost Rider and Firebrand Tutorial
Season Ultimate ASSIST ME!, Episode 2
02) UMvC3 Assist Me - Ghost Rider & FireBrand.flv snapshot 05.23 -2012.09.23 21.55.45-
Release date 10/12/2011
Written by Maximilian Christiansen
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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The Ghost Rider and Firebrand Tutorial is the second episode of Ultimate ASSIST ME!, the official tutorial series for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. It was originally released on YouTube October 12, 2011. The episode was written and directed by Maximilian Christiansen, the series creator.

Plot Edit

Doom and Max are busy playing versus mode in the new Danger Room stage, and Doom utilizes the air X-Factor to beat Max with his "Finger Lasers". Max says that the air X-Factor feature is too good, and says he needs to switch characters. As last time he checked, Galactus was pretty mad at Doom. Doom thinks Galactus is nothing to him as he runs a country but Max replies "Doesn't Galactus rule the whole UNIVERSE?" He even added that they better master the roster or Galactus will come knocking at his front door. Doom gets annoyed and says to pick Ghost Rider if he can't make up Max's simple mind. Max agrees but when he tries to describe about Ghost Rider's attacks until his neck takes some weird snap, which Doom was confused hearing it. As Max tried to explain again about Ghost Rider's moves, it happens again, which Doom comments "That looks like it hurt". Max's reply somewhat had a demonic echo as well in which Doom puts down his arcade stick knowing that something wrong is happening with Max. To make matters worse, Max's head starts smoking from his head and after a few more snaps, Max began to transform while wearing a biker outfit and leaves the couch in pain while Doom ducks for cover. A few minutes later, Doom checks on him only to find Ghost Rider in his place, much to Doom's shock. Ghost Rider then prepares to play some "Mahvel Baby" with a demonic laughter while Doom faints, starting Ghost Rider's tutorial.

After a bit of tutorial for him Doom asks what it's like for Ghost Rider to have a flaming skull for a head. Ghost Rider growls at Doom, while Doom lies that if he kills Max as he owes him a lot of money. Ghost Rider tells him that he's here to collect Doom's debt as Doom wrongly assumes he's here for the money and willing to pay him 20 grand in Bison Dollars. Ghost Rider knocks away his fake money and uses his Penance Stare, which makes Doom scream, but then confusingly say "WHAT ARE YOU DOING???". Confused and shocked, Ghost Rider realizes that Doom has regret none of his actions while Doom says he's perfect in every way, which makes Ghost Rider like him a bit.

After finishing Ghost Rider's tutorial, Doom and Ghost Rider share a liking for running over Wesker with his bike. Doom sighs that why he can't have a roommate like Ghost Rider while Ghost Rider wonders how he can deal with Max and all of his hair. To celebrate their friendship, Doom snaps his fingers making two bottle of beers and gives one to Ghost Rider and does a toast in Doom comment "May we OTG at UMvC3". Doom says he is looking for a third teammate and asks if Ghost Rider would join him and Strider on November 15th. However he honestly refuses saying that he's looking for someone more demonic as him, pointing to the screen Doom looks to it showing Firebrand.

After Firebrand's tutorial. Ghost Rider thinks his suit is a nightmare to go into a bathroom, Doom says that's why he had a waste dispoal built in, grossing out Ghost Rider, and Doom says "Well at least I think I did". Ghost Rider says that the night is young and the guilty need to be punish as he's going to leave, but before he goes, he and Doom do the "Doom Fist" hand shake, but with a twist, Ghost Rider does a fake Penance Stare, and after sharing a good laugh, Doom says goodbye and asks to call him sometime. As Doom walks back into the house, he notices Max is back and wonders where was he as he have to cover two characters by himself. Max's face was red as a tomato and says "I can't feel my face". Doom says he looks better without it, thus ending the episode.



  • Max turning into Ghost Rider was a nod to his fans, who often point out his resemblance to actor Nicholas Cage.


'ASSIST ME!' - Ghost Rider & Firebrand Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Live Action Tutorial

'ASSIST ME!' - Ghost Rider & Firebrand Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Live Action Tutorial

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