Strider Hiryu and Hawkeye Tutorial
Season Ultimate ASSIST ME!, Episode 1
01) UMvC3 Assist Me - Strider & Hawkeye .flv snapshot 01.12 -2012.09.23 21.04.18-
Release date 10/5/2011
Written by Maximilian Christiansen
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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The Strider Hiryu and Hawkeye Tutorial is the first episode of Ultimate ASSIST ME!, the official tutorial series for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. It was originally released on YouTube October 5, 2011. The episode was written and directed by Maximilian Christiansen, the series creator.

Plot Edit

Max was talking to a friend over the phone about UMvC3, happily thinking of choosing Ghost Rider and Strider, he later says Doom is looking forward to Strider than him, added that he's STILL spending the night. He then is annoyed at what his friend asked and said not get his autograph, he sees Doom on the couch eating his sandwich and tell his friend that he'll call him back and hangs up. He ask Doom what is he doing to his lunch but Doom only reply that he's finishing it while tossing the lunch bag behind them. Max suggest to play Doom first to 5 in Vanilla MvC3 however doom Doom replies "That game is so February 2011! Doom has something better for you!" Confuse, Max thought it can't be obsolete until Doom pulls out a fanmade case of Ultimate MvC3, he reply with a shock "BY ODIN'S BEARD! WHERE THERE HELL YOU GET THAT?!" Doom replies that he ACTUALLY went to Los Angeles to get it. Once he opens it, a strange smoke and a note came out from the disc. Max was curious about the note but unable to read it, Doom translates it that the note is from Dormammu written that they must master the new roster unless they want the world incinerated by Galactus (which Doom shrugs off that it's just some instructions while tossing the note behind ) . Max was surprise that he make a deal with him and wonders how he payed for it. Doom replies that he pays him with Bison Dollars and ask Max to start playing it. Max comments that the money isn't worth the paper it's printed on, however despite it, he tosses out the fake money and starts playing the game.

As they are playing the game, Max was happy that they're playing the game and thinking of picking Strider, Ghost Rider and Hawkeye until Doom "ninja sense" is tingling. Both turns their back to see Strider appears in front of their eyes. Max informs Doom that it's Strider until he realize Doom wasn't there but was seen rushing towards Strider in joy and give a hug to Strider. Oddly, Doom realize that he was cold and doesn't talk. He tried to shake him, but fail and informs Max that he's 'Broken". Max is irritated saying that this is what he gets for messing with Dormammu and later shakes a hand in his eyes; commenting that he's like a blank slate. Doom suggest to teach and improve him just like marvel 2 as he doesn't want to spend any money. Max agrees and gets him back up to speed, starting Strider's tutorial.

After his tutorial, Doom is training Strider and suggest to Strider some moves and assist Doom will help him. Unhappy about it, Max asks what he was doing as Doom replies that he's teaching Strider to return him to how they play back in MvC2 with the Chip Damange To Victory tactic while Strider added "Rocks to the end?" making Doom more happier. However Max corrects him that the Molecular Shield that he suggest isn't the best assist in the game and prefer if he uses a different character's assist added if he should ask Strider what he wants. Stubborn, Doom completely disagrees with him until Strider suggests Hawkeye. Both turns around, to Doom surprise to hear from him while Max agrees with him while bringing him to the couch, much to Doom's dismay. This also starts Hawkeye's tutorial.

After the Hawkeye tutorial, Doom and Strider are whispering to each other and later shows both Max and Doom what he have learn so far. What it turns out to be, a reenactment of his Legion level 1 hyper, with Max's dog running out wearing tin foil. Satisfied, both of them clapped their hands, but suddenly Strider has to go due to a call from his HQ, Doom cries over this loss as they just got started but Strider says they will reunite on November 15th and leaves. Knowing that 10 characters are left to go to train, Doom is still depress that Strider's gone again and worried on what he suppose to do. Max suggest that he should help him out by training other characters. Doom agrees and was about to do training until the power goes out. Max thinks doom forgot to pay the electricity bill and he retorts 'DOOM DOESN'T PAY BILLS". Soon the TV glows and Galactus uses one of his specific leader quotes. This makes both of them look at each other, ending this episode.




'ASSIST ME!' - Strider Hiryu & Hawkeye Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Live Action Tutorial

'ASSIST ME!' - Strider Hiryu & Hawkeye Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Live Action Tutorial

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