Stider PSA

The video opens with Max and Doom on the couch, Max exclaiming as he just won a match before saying he's never used Bison before, and Doom tells he should since he just won when the video is interrupted by a DoomCorp Emergency Broadcast for a Marvel vs Capcom 3 announcement. The video resumes with James Chen reading a MVC3 strategy guide before he greets the viewers and introduces himself as a professor in fighting game physics and ninja scientist. He explains he's here to inform them of a vital component Marvel vs Capcom is missing and then a montage of Strider's best moments in his own games and Marvel vs Capcom starts, with James calling Strider "One of the most iconic characters in gaming history."

The montage ends and James is seen sitting on a chair, petting Ammy while furthering emphasizing Strider's abilities before revealing Strider went missing, leaving thousands of fans to fend for themselves. James then introduces several first hand accounts of coping Marvel players.

The first is the Lightning Guy, revealing he's been playing as Strider for 15 years, and he explains because Strider was cut and that he's struggled with finding a job and even sleeping.

The next is "Conway Air'ngton", who wants to make a movie about ninjas, explaining Strider is his favorite character and that he's disappointed with the roster of Marvel 3 for not having any cool ninjas...all the while ignoring the indignant cries of a certain Merc with a Mouth...

The last is Clockw0rk and he explains that without Strider, he's been forced to use Phoenix.

A Street Fighter Physical Health Specialist then reveals each one is suffering from S.A.R.S. (Strider Abandonment Recluse Syndrome) and without Strider, it will lead to M.V.C.C.A.S. (Marvel Vs Capcom Complete Abandonment Syndrome).

James resumes before introducing Doctor Doom, saying his S.A.R.S. disorder has nearly crippled his entire life. Doom explains his struggles since losing Strider, his best assist partner for the last ten years, and that he's tried to find new friends, but calls Max a long haired Nic Cage wannabe. Doom then lists off various things he's tried to do to fill the void but says it's not the same no matter what without Strider.

James Chen then urges as many fans as possible to make their voices known to help bring Strider back before the video ends with a PSA from Doom...and then James asks if Doom is paying him. Doom only laughs and everyone leaves in disgust.


Marvel VS Capcom 3 Strider Hiryu PSA from James Chen, Clockw0rk & Dr

Marvel VS Capcom 3 Strider Hiryu PSA from James Chen, Clockw0rk & Dr. Doom