Retro ASSIST ME! Part 4
Season Retro ASSIST ME!, Episode 4
Release date 9/24/2012
Written by Michael Young and
Maximilian Christiansen
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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Retro ASSIST ME! Part 4 is the fourth and final episode of the Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins tutorial series Retro ASSIST ME! It was originally released on YouTube September 24, 2012. The episode was co-written by Michael Young and Maximilian Christiansen, and directed by Maximilian, the series creator.


Max and Doom, now in 1998, make their way through Wesker's neighborhood thanks to some directions from Iron Man. They arrive at Wesker's house just in time to see him leaving on his way to the gym. Wesker harasses a young girl who he sees carrying a video game, telling her it will turn her into a couch potato.

Doom asks Max for fifty bucks so that he can go get a disguise, and runs off.

Later, Max and Doom trail Wesker on this way through a park, where Wesker is about to arrest the nerfed Strider Hiryu for panhandling. Doom throws on his disguise - a decorative sombrero and a fake blond mustache. Despite Max's protest, Doom approaches Wesker and tries to convince him to become a biologist. As Wesker is stunned at Doom bizarre appearance, Strider escapes Wesker's grip and runs away.

Wesker yells at Doom for interfering, and storms off. Max tells Doom that at least he saved Strider, and that they need to try something else.

As Wesker enters the gym, Max and Doom hurry to catch up. They're surprised to find Captain Commando just outside. As they wonder if he already knows about the tier-lists, he attacks them with energy blasts from his power gauntlets. They quickly take cover behind a car, and Doom tells Max that he'll hold off Commando so that Max can talk to Wesker. Max reminds Doom that he got nerfed, but Doom faces Commando anyways.

A fierce fight breaks out between Doom and Commando, and Doom uses the various abilities of the Infinity Gauntlet to balance the scales. Meanwhile, Max enters the gym and talks to Wesker, urging him to pursue a career in biology. Wesker argues that he's trained very hard for his career in Law Enforcement, but Max points out the window at the fight between Doom and Commando, and tells Wesker that their power is possible thanks to science. He reminds Wesker of the true power he could achieve using science as a tool.

Outside, Captain Commando gets the upper hand on Doom and finally drags him into the street, pointing a gun at his head. He tells Max to come out, or he'll shoot. Max pleads with Wesker to think about it, and goes to face Commando.

Commando shoots Max in the chest, and Max goes down. Commando approaches Max to finish him off, but Max suddenly stirs and kicks the gun away. He stands up, revealing that he had an arcade stick hidden under his shirt, which deflected the bullet. Max uses the arcade stick to knock Commando out, and Doom runs up to congratulate him. However, Commando recovers quickly, and powers up his gauntlets to finish both Max and Doom off.

Just as he's about to fire, Max and Doom run out of the street and Wesker crashes a car into Commando, paralyzing him.

Max and Doom approach Wesker and thank him for his help. They all exchange hand shakes, this being their technical first formal meeting. Doom points at the gauntlet, reminding Max that they need to go. The two run off, leaving Wesker behind to pursue his career as a biology, finally setting the timeline back the way it was.

In the corrected presented (2012), Wesker watches TV with Ammy. Max and Doom teleport into the living room, and find that the place has been fully cleaned and organized by Wesker. They begin to tell Wesker of their adventure, but before they can explain much, the Infinity Gauntlet disappeared, then Yoshinori Ono appears on the TV and thanks Max and Doom for keeping the tier list intact. Doom shows him the Marvel Vs. Capcom 7 guide, and Ono tells him that the future of fighting games is in the hands of the FGC. Finally, Ono vanishes.

Doom wants to see who's top-tier in Marvel 7, but Max takes the guide and makes him and Wesker promise that they'll look once, and then destroy the guide. They all agree, open the guide, and gasp in shock at the contents.




Part 4Edit

RETRO ASSIST ME! Part 4 (Marvel vs Capcom Origins Tutorial Movie)

RETRO ASSIST ME! Part 4 (Marvel vs Capcom Origins Tutorial Movie)

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