Retro ASSIST ME! Part 3
Season Retro ASSIST ME!, Episode 3
Release date 9/17/2012
Written by Michael Young and
Maximilian Christiansen
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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Retro ASSIST ME! Part 3 is the third episode of the Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins tutorial series Retro ASSIST ME! It was originally released on YouTube September 17, 2012. The episode was co-written by Michael Young and Maximilian Christiansen, and directed by Maximilian, the series creator.


Doom takes Max to a GameStop, where all of the games are about Captain Commando. The clerk tries to sell them on a pre-order "Super Captain Commando 6: Rock City Bubble Bath" for $400. Meanwhile, Doom examines "Super Commando Fighter 4: Indestructible Edition".

As they look at the games, a Captain Commando PSA appears on the GameStop TV. Captain Commando has captured or slain nearly every villain, and is the only relevant figure left in the gaming industry. What makes things worse is that he has even detained Strider Hiryu, and married Laura Kinney. Doom freaks out, and Max ushers him out of the shop, eager to fix the world.

Later, Max and Doom await a meeting with Captain Commando at his executive office. Commando enters with Morrigan Aensland, in the middle of a cheerful conversation about how he even has authority over Tsujimoto, the CEO of Capcom Japan. He dismisses Morrigan, and after she leaves shows his true colors to Max and Doom. He aggressively tells Doom that he's supposed to be a background character, and Max is supposed to be in Switzerland.

Max tells Commando that he wants to know how, where and when Commando become so top tier in Marvel Vs. Capcom. Commando tells them that in 1998, he was approached by a fat man in a blue and yellow jump suit, who declared he was Capcom's mascot. He gave Commando the guide to Marvel Vs. Capcom 7, and told Commando about how villains had become the fan favorites, and that he (Commando) had become irrelevant. He told Commando to remain top-tier to prevent that future from becoming reality, and warned him that Max and Doom might come asking about what had happened.

At that point, Commando summons the gauntlet of his power suit, and points it at Max. Doom ignites the stove top that Commando stands near, knocking him to the floor. As he and Max make their escape, Doom grabs the Marvel Vs. Capcom 7 guide.

After escaping, Max wonders what they did in 1997 that allowed Commando to become top tier. Max then realizes that it must have been what Doom said to Wesker in the sushi restaurant. Doom admits that he convinced Wesker to remain a cop, instead of becoming a biologist. Doom thought he was doing the world a favor, but Max knows that Wesker has to become a biological terrorist for the world to be the one they know and love.

Max and Doom then ask themselves what's more important: the thousands of lives affected by Wesker's actions - or video games. They agree on video games.

Doom attempts to use the gauntlet, but the Time Gem is damaged yet again. Doom thinks he knows a way to get more, and leads Max back to the apartment.

At Max's apartment, Doom explains that he believes he knows a way to make new Infinity Gems. They run into Ammy, who's not wearing her usual Amaterasu outfit, and barks at them as though they were strangers. Doom tells Max to get his box of old games, and starts grinding them inside his hood. His first attempt only yields plutonium, and as Max searches for more games, he's approached by his alternate self. Alternate Max dresses and speaks like a cliche redneck, regular Max thinks that alternate Max is Chad Kruger and alternate Max thinks that regular Max is Nicholas Cage. He faints, and Max and Doom quickly try more games.

Alternate Max comes to and runs upstairs, grabbing a shotgun, thinking that real Max and Doom are spies sent by Captain Commando. (referring to them as "Nicholas Cage" and a "wizard") Using Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems, Doom is able to make dozens of Infinity Gems of all types. Just then, alternate Max comes to shoot Max and Doom. Using one of the Time Gems, Doom and Max leap back just in time to save themselves from alternate Max...



  • The "fat man in a blue and yellow jump suit" is most likely a reference to "Bad Box Art" Mega Man, who was a character in Street Fighter X Tekken.
  • Max is once again compared to Chad Kruger and Nicholas Cage, a recurring gag.


RETRO ASSIST ME! Part 3 (Marvel vs Capcom Origins Tutorial Movie)

RETRO ASSIST ME! Part 3 (Marvel vs Capcom Origins Tutorial Movie)