Retro ASSIST ME! Part 2
Season Retro ASSIST ME!, Episode 2
Release date 9/10/2012
Written by Matthew Simmons and
Maximilian Christiansen
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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Retro ASSIST ME! Part 2 is the second episode of the Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins tutorial series Retro ASSIST ME! It was originally released on YouTube September 10, 2012. The episode was co-written by Matthew Simmons and Maximilian Christiansen, and directed by Maximilian, the series creator.


Max dreams that he's talking to his mother. he believes the events of the previous day to have been a dream, but she assures him that he's safe in 1997. Her words cause him to wake up, just as Doom smacks him in the face with a pillow and tells him to get back to training so that he can win the tournament.

After Max spends more time on the game, he tells Doom he needs to get something to eat, so they head out to get some sushi.

At the sushi restaurant, Max spots Bruce Banner grabbing himself a drink. Wesker enters and harasses Banner about a biology report that he's supposed to be doing for him. Banner begins to get fed up with Wesker's bullying, but before he Hulk's out, Doom runs over and offers him a picture of Felicia to calm him down. Doom then chats with Wesker, telling him that instead of pursuing a career in biology, he should stick to his job in the Police Force, and become Chief of Police. Wesker thinks on this, and realizes that he'd be in a great position of authority. He thanks Doom and leaves the restaurant.

Max finally catches up to Doom and asks him what he said to Wesker, but Doom says it was nothing important.

Some time later, Max meets Doom at the arcade, and Doom tells him that he's already made the bet with Thanos. If Max wins, they get the Time Gem. If Max loses, Doom owes Thanos a number of prizes, including Max as Thanos' personal slave. Doom pushes Max into the arcade, and goes to get some yogurt.

Later, Max bursts out through the doors and tells Doom that he won, and got the Time Gem. However, Thanos grabs Max and pulls him back in, angry at the fact that Max beat him using an "infinite". Max struggles with Thanos, and is able to distract him just long enough to run outside, grab Doom, and flee.

Max and Doom hide out in an alley, and then make their way to a safe place to fix the Infinity Gauntlet. As they leave, Captain Commando watches them. Commando gives a sinister grin as he realizes that Doom has learned how to travel through time.

Max and Doom time-leap back into the Twin Plums Mall parking lot in the year 2012. They are immediately approached by Thanos, but this time he acts friendly and tells them it's okay for them to use the Infinity Gauntlet for as long as they want. He saunters off cheerfully, much to Max and Doom's confusion. Doom checks his phone, and sees that they are in the right time.

Max looks around and sees a young couple. The young man is wearing a Captain Commando t-shirt, and strikes a Commando pose for the young woman's amusement.

Still looking at his phone, Doom realizes that something has gone wrong. He tells Max that something has happened to all the games. He grabs Max and tells him they need to go...




RETRO ASSIST ME! Part 2 (Marvel vs Capcom Origins Tutorial Movie)

RETRO ASSIST ME! Part 2 (Marvel vs Capcom Origins Tutorial Movie)