Retro ASSIST ME! Part 1
Season Retro ASSIST ME!, Episode 1
Release date 9/3/2012
Written by Matthew Simmons and
Maximilian Christiansen
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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Retro ASSIST ME! Part 1 is the first episode of the Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins tutorial series Retro ASSIST ME! It was originally released on YouTube September 3, 2012. The episode was co-written by Matthew Simmons and Maximilian Christiansen, and directed by Maximilian, the series creator.


At his new home, Max plays Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 but can't seem to win any matches. As Ammy watches on, Max loses over and over, a haggard look on his face.

Max is suddenly brought to his senses by Wesker, who asks him how long he's been playing. Wesker also points out that Doom has made a mess of their new home. He shows Max a note from Doom which beckons Max to come to the Twin Plums Mall. Max leaves immediately.

At the mall, Max finds Doom, who reveals that Max's fighting game mojo has been lost due to a rift in the time continuum. Max looks at a photograph of himself after his first tournament win as a teenager, and sees that he's disappearing from the image. Doom reveals that he has obtained the Infinity Gauntlet in a shady deal with Thanos (involving Crossgauge and Defence gems from Street Fighter X Tekken) and tells Max they can use it to go and fix things. However, Thanos has realized he has been cheated in the deal, and shows up to chase Max and Doom. After a brief chase through the parking lot, Doom uses the Time Gem on the Infinity Gauntlet to take himself and Max back into the past, escaping the Mad Titan. Max and Doom arrive in a park after their time leap. Looking around, Max sees people dressed in 90s styles, and sees one young man in particular who's excited about the release of the Gameboy Color. He picks up a magazine, and realizes that they're back in 1997. Doom tells Max that the Time Gem they used is damaged, and that if they want to go home, they'll need a new one.

As Max wanders the park, he finds a poster for a Marvel Super Heroes arcade tournament. He realizes it's the same tournament he won as a youngster, and Doom tells Max that he needs to win that tournament to set things right with his video game skills.

As they leave the park, they run into a young Wesker, who's on patrol as a Police Officer. Wesker doesn't recognize them, and tells Doom that he shouldn't be wearing such an outfit because he might have a negative influence on the local kids.

Doom suggests to Max that they stay at Max's old home, so they head there and get Max practicing Marvel Super Heroes. After some time playing, Max's skills start to return. Doom tells Max that he can challenge Thanos in the tournament in a bet for his Time Gem, but they become worried when Doom points out that Thanos is also the final boss of the game...





RETRO ASSIST ME! Reveal Trailer

RETRO ASSIST ME! Reveal Trailer

Part OneEdit

RETRO ASSIST ME! Part 1 (Marvel vs Capcom Origins Tutorial Movie)

RETRO ASSIST ME! Part 1 (Marvel vs Capcom Origins Tutorial Movie)