Character Origins Edit

Navi is a fairy from the land of Hyrule, she lived in Kokiri Forest among the perpetually childlike Kokiri, who were watched over by the Great Deku Tree. She was not bound to a child until one day that the Great Deku Tree send her to guide Link on a quest to save the land of Hyrule from Ganondorf.

Note: The rest of this article pertains to the character strictly as she appears in Assist Me! continuity or media in some way affiliated with Assist Me!

Biography Edit

She is first seen being attacked by Doctor Doom, which brings Max downstairs to investigate, she then attracts their attention while angrily criticizing them. At first Doctor Doom doesn't know who Navi is, until Max explains, who proceeds to use bug spray in order to kill Navi, she is then saved from her fate by Link.

Trivia Edit

  • Navi is lacking her blue bio-luminescence that she normally has in Ocarina of Time, instead she is seen close up.
  • Her first line in Assist Me! Smash Bros was her iconic "Hey! Listen!"