"Let's play some Marvel, baby."






Extremely skilled at video games



First Appearance

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: The Online Warrior; Season 1, Episode 1

Origin Series


Portrayed by

Maximilian Christiansen


The Online Warrior

Max began a series entitled "Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: The Online Warrior", and in it he would commentate on his own online matches in MvC3, including which tactics worked, which didn't, and his outlooks on the various teams he would see while playing online. Eventually, Doctor Doom came to his home and Max reluctantly took him under his wing to teach him about his uses in the game. After teaching Doom all he could, he sent Doom on his way.

Max continued hosting his show, and while celebrating his promotion to the rank of 1st Lord in Episode 6, he was shocked when Doom returned to warn him about the impending arrival of Wesker.

One Big Mistake

It wasn't long before Wesker arrived at Max's home, and demanded that Max teach him how to best use his own skills in Marvel 3. Max was reluctant, as Wesker was clearly evil, but he complied. Fortunately Doom had stuck around (though at first Max wasn't happy about that either.) Max taught Wesker just how deadly he [Wesker] really was, and may have realized his mistake if Wesker hadn't knocked him unconscious with a single punch.

As Wesker prepared to leave, he announced his plan to use the data he gathered from the video game to spread Uroboros to every house in the United States and eventually the world. Doom, claiming humanity belonged to him, rose to stop Wesker and a fierce battle ensued. Wesker eventually beat Doom nearly to death, when Max awoke, he noticed that the characters in-game were acting out the same fight on his television as that going on in his very living room. Max quickly grabbed his controller and entered a command for Doom, allowing Doom to hit Wesker with a surprise attack of the Photon Array (referred to by Doom as "The Finger Lasers"). This weakened Wesker long enough for Doom to use his Doom's Time hyper combo to finish Wesker off. Wesker vanished in a puff of smoke and Doom collapsed to the ground, exhausted from the fight.

After the battle, Doom asked Max if he could spend the night, and Max was happy to let his new ally stay.

A Visit from X-23

A couple of weeks passed, and one day as Max came home he ran into X-23 in his parking garage. She announced that she was tracking Wesker, and didn't listen to Max when he tried to tell her Wesker had already come and been defeated. She forced Max to train her in MCX3 (which she referred to as a "combat simulator"). Eventually Max convinced her that Wesker had died at the hands of Doom (with his help) and after completing her training, she left.

Rescuing Jill from Wesker

One night as Max and Doom played Marvel 3, the lights in the entire house suddenly went out. When the lights came back on, Jill Valentine was standing behind them and Wesker appeared, much to Max and Doom's surprise. Doom rose up to fight Wesker, but Wesker had anticipated it and struck him to the floor before holding Max at gunpoint. Wesker had Jill under mind control via a device on her chest, and demanded that Max teach Jill so that she would be the perfect weapon, and Max remorsefully complied.

Throughout the ordeal, Doom referenced Jill's old days in Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, but she didn't seem to remember what he was talking about. Wesker discouraged her from talking to Max and Doom. At one point, the rivalry between Doom and Wesker resurfaced and the two engaged in an "Epic Rap Battle of MVC3" (a parody of "Epic Rap Battles of History"). Once Jill's training with Max was complete, Wesker went to make a phone call regarding the launch of his Uroboros missiles. Seeing an opportunity to thwart his evil plans, Max told Doom to distract Wesker and Jill to buy him some time. Doom agreed, and challenged Jill to a fight while Wesker was on the phone. Jill had little trouble beating Doom down while Max frantically searched through his collection of video games. Wesker only payed attention to the fight long enough to see that Jill was handling herself fine, and returned to his phone call. As Jill lifted Doom into the air and prepared to finish him with a single strike, Max called her attention to the TV and revealed that he had fired up his old copy of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 for the Sega Dreamcast.

Jill dropped Doom as she looked at her old S.T.A.R.S. self on the screen in awe. Approaching the TV, she touched the screen and had flash-backs to her life before being mind-controlled by Wesker. As her memories returned, she broke the device off her chest, freeing herself from Wesker's control. She hugged Doom and told him that she was sorry, and then instructed both Max and Doom on what to do to stop Wesker.

Max approached Wesker, striking him in the face with a MadCatz Tournament Edition Arcade Stick, temporarily breaking Wesker's jaw. Wesker popped it back into place and moved to attack Max, who retreated behind Jill and Doom. Not realizing Jill was no longer under his control, he asked her why she hadn't killed Max and Doom yet. Doom caught him off guard with The Finger Lasers, stunning Wesker long enough for Jill to put him in a choke hold. As Wesker struggled, Doom told Max to stand back as he prepared a powerful snap of his fingers - the result of which caused Wesker and Jill to vanish into thin air. Doom told Max it had been Jill's idea, and that he sent Wesker back into Resident Evil 5 to relive the cutscene where Chris and Sheva blow him up with rocket launchers. Jill had also been sent back, to the moment where she is finally reunited with her old partner, Chris.

The Cursed Disc

"By Odin's beard! Where the hell did you get that?!"

On October 5th, 2011, Max offered Doom to go first-to-five in Marvel 3, but Doom revealed to Max that he had acquired a copy of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, which wasn't due to be released for over another month. When Max asked how he had got it, Doom told him that he had purchased it from Dormammu, having paid the evil being with Bison Dollars. As Doom opened the case for the first time, a ghostly green mist came out of it and a cryptic piece of parchment covered in strange symbols fell to the floor. Doom translated the parchment for Max, and they read that if they didn't master the twelve new characters, Galactus would scorch the earth. Doom paid no attention to the parchment and threw it away, and they began to play the game.

As they played, Strider Hiryu suddenly appeared behind them. Doom was ecstatic to see his old friend and partner, but Strider didn't seem to remember him at all. Max decided to remind Strider of who he was by mastering him in-game, and blamed Doom for this mishap due to his deal with Dormammu. With a little help from Doom, Max retrained Strider, and mastered Hawkeye in the process, as Max and Strider agreed Hawkeye would be a good character to team Strider with. Doom taught Strider everything he knew since Marvel 2 and hoped Strider would stay, but Strider received orders from HQ via a hidden earpiece and told Doom that he had to leave. Doom was sad to see Strider go, but agreed to help Max master the other characters.

Just then all the lights in Max's house went out and Galactus appeared on the TV screen, promising that no matter how hard they trained, they could not prepare themselves for him.

Max continued to master the new characters in Ultimate Marvel 3. On October 12th, 2011, Max was turned into Ghost Rider as a result of the cursed disc. Doom was at first terrified of Ghost Rider, but the two quickly became friends and drank beers as they played the game. Ghost Rider claimed to know of Max, but didn't seem aware that he actually was Max. Doom offered Ghost Rider to join his team, but Ghost Rider turned down the offer in hopes of finding a darker character to work with, like Firebrand. At that point, Doom and Ghost Rider mastered Firebrand in-game, and Ghost Rider left to go battle injustice. Doom walked Ghost Rider out, and when he returned indoors, Max appears sitting on the couch, slightly burned up. Max had no recollection of becoming Ghost Rider.

On October 19th, 2011, Wesker reappeared unexpectedly (perhaps a result of the cursed disc). Doom, Max and Wesker were all alarmed by the situation, and although Max and Doom were prepared to fight, Wesker told them that his plans had collapsed after Jill had left him. He claimed Doom and Max were the only friends he had, and despite Doom's protest, Max offered to let Wesker help them master Nemesis. Wesker communicated with Nemesis through his cell phone, but at one point he dropped the phone and Doom secretly recovered it. As Max and Wesker mastered Doctor Strange, Doom snuck off to snoop through Wesker's phone, and saw numerous villains in Wesker's contacts list, including Galactus. When a voice mail from Galactus came through, Doom listened in and heard the words "Deliver Nemesis complete and eradicate the Online Warriors [Max and Doom], otherwise, no deal!" Doom returned next to Max and Wesker on the couch as the two laughed together, hitting it off for the first time as friends. Doom played the voice mail so that Max and Wesker could both hear it. Wesker prepared to explain his affiliation with Galactus, but suddenly moved to fatally strike Max. Doom snapped his fingers quickly, saving Max by sending Wesker into the TV. Wesker pounded the TV screen from in-game, demanding to be let out. He then realized he was no longer in his usual black attire, but in his old S.T.A.R.S. uniform. Nemesis then mistook Wesker for a member of S.T.A.R.S. and devoured him, much to Max's disgust and Doom's amusement.

On October 26th, 2011, Doom received a summons to appear in court to face charges of fraud, espionage, and crimes against humanity. Doom was alarmed, not knowing what to do, but Max suggested they use the cursed disc to help him out. Max used the game to summon the attorney Phoenix Wright, and the three were whisked away to an Ace Attorney styled courthouse. As Phoenix Wright and Doom presented their case to the Judge, Max mastered Phoenix Wright in-game. When Doom called forth Wesker (who was presumed to be eaten by Nemesis), Ammy and Max as witnesses of character, the plan backfired as they all testified that he was untrustworthy and/or dangerous. When Phoenix Wright called Iron Fist to the stand, Max mastered the character in-game, but this was completely unhelpful to Doom's case. Ultimately, Phoenix Wright was able to get the Judge to drop the charges against Doom based on Doom's status as monarch of Latveria and save him from 400 years incarceration. Thanks to Doom's diplomatic immunity, he was released. With a snap of his fingers, Doom returned himself and Max to the house - where they then received Phoenix Wright's hefty bill for 52,000,000 dollars.

On November 1st, 2011, an exhausted Doom looked outside Max's house to see Firebrand scorching the surrounding area. Doom and Max had been spending all their time working on mastering the new characters, and the fatigue was finally showing on them. Max decided to learn Dante, but Vergil suddenly appeared in the room. He threatened to wipe out humanity if Max didn't make him as good as his twin brother, Dante (Max mistakenly referred to Dante as Vergil's half-brother). Max trained Vergil and at one point Doom directed a "your mom" joke at Vergil, upsetting the half-demon as his own mother is deceased. As Doom attempted to apologize to Vergil to curb his anger, Max mastered the character Nova. Soon, Doom offered up an amulet as a token of peace between him and Vergil. Vergil mistook it for his perfect amulet, and took it before disappearing to go destroy humanity. Doom then told Max that the amulet had been a fake he had made as part of an art project, and revealed the real amulet to still be in his possession. Doom casually tossed the amulet behind the couch and it broke in an explosion of light. Max told Doom that he may just be humanity's accidental savior.

On November 8th, 2011, Doom came into Max's house to find Rocket Raccoon sitting on the couch. He called Max downstairs, and Max realized that they were close to finally mastering the new roster and thwarting Galactus. Doom and Rocket Raccoon exchanged insults throughout the day as Max mastered Rocket Raccoon in-game, and at Rocket Raccoon's request for someone who can watch his stylishness in battle, a battle photographer, Frank West. Doom and Rocket Raccoon's insults finally escalated into a fight, and as the two duked it out in the living room, Galactus appeared on Max's TV. Max fought Galactus in-game using a team consisting of Strider, Ghost Rider and Vergil. As Doom continued fighting Rocket Raccoon, the two ran into a wall, knocking Doom unconscious and trapping Rocket Raccoon under his back. Rocket Raccoon struggled to free himself as Max defeated Galactus, and Rocket Raccoon suddenly faded away.

Doom came to, and as he and Max stared at the TV in awe of their victory, the cursed game disc vanished in a puff of green mist, and the TV displayed classic MVC3's title screen. Doom complained about losing his buffs and Strider, but Max reminded him the real game was due out in only a week. Doom and Max decided that to pass the time, they'd go first-to-five in Marvel 3.

A Visit from Deadpool

"Season one of what?! What are you looking at?"

Max returned to his apartment after running some errands, finding Doom "Right where I left you" and after sampling some of his Doom Equis, compared it to "Raw ass butt!" and then asked him if he had taken care of the broken arcade stick, though became dismayed when he realized Doom forgot. Before he could say anything else, both Max and Doom saw a grenade roll in front of them, ticking away. Panicking, both Max and Doom ducked behind the couch but rose back up when they realized the grenade was a dud...and found themselves joined by the Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool. Deadpool threatened Max with a gun, struck him and reminded Max that he left him out of 'Season One'. When Max asked, "Season One of what?" Deadpool gave a sideways glance towards the viewers, furthering confusing Max. Doom was quick to remind Max of the situation and was genuinely excited over the prospect of covering a tutorial with Deadpool, sharing an enthusiastic high-five with the Merc as the title dropped...with Max demanding to know what the hell they were doing seconds later.

After covering Deadpool's mobility, good assists for him, and some keepaway tactics, Max finished his monologue and he and Doom waited as Doom struggled to remember his lines, going through a script mid-tape before discovering a bottle of Doom Equis, though when he tried it, he also compared it too "Raw ass butt!" prompting Doom to teleport him off several times, but Deadpool returned thanks to his teleporter.

After covering Deadpool's own assists and their advantages, Deadpool cockily declared himself the best of the best, prompting Doom to challenge his claim, leading to a verbal sparring match that Deadpool tried to settle with a Rap Battle...which Max quickly put a stop too before it even had a chance to begin.

After covering Deadpool's various specials, The Merc noticed one of his little boxes over Doom's head and while Max wondered what it was, he also noticed something on its back, which Deadpool realized was a hit on Max...

Max found himself caught between two money-hungry villains before Deadpool promptly stopped the video to announce his poll on whether he should kill Max or let him live.

The poll did not go in Max's favor.

After counting the poll, Deadpool advanced on Max, who pled for his life, citing all his work on breakdowns, tutorials and even musical parodies...and then Deadpool shot him. The Merc had expected Max to turn into Ghost Rider but Doom quickly reminded him that wouldn't happen. Though he had been killed, Doom was able to rewind time up to the end of the poll, reviving Max and then used his fingersnap to alter the results, letting Max live.

Deadpool asked what Max was worried about and Max reminded him that most people on the internet are trolls, with Deadpool filling in the part perfectly. After resuming the tutorial and covering hypers, Max tried to go into combos when his doorbell rang, with Deadpool answering it...and murdering some kids who wanted Mega Man in Marvel vs Capcom. Max was horrified while Doom could care less.

After finishing combos, Max went to explain how Deadpool had been nerfed and showed the disbeliving Merc with an old copy of the vanilla game he pulled from a mystified Doom's hood. After beating Deadpool in a match, the three seemed about to part on good terms...and then Deadpool pulled a gun on Max again, saying he just couldn't pass up on Max's bounty. Deadpool took out Doom with a roundhouse kick and was about to murder Max with one of his swords when Wesker, who was still trapped in the TV, tricked Deadpool into activating his teleporter a third time, causing the Merc with the Mouth to explode...all over Max.

After this, Max convinced Doom to let Wesker out of the TV for saving their lives, despite Doom's reluctance.

The Zombie Outbreak

Two months pass, with Wesker living with Max and Doom and doing more chores and generally helping around the house more than Doom does to Max's relief, when a zombie outbreak occurs throughout Los Angles. Max is returning to his apartment complex when he intially mistakes a female zombie for X-23 but quickly realizes he's in trouble. Thankfully, Chris Redfield appears, killing the zombie, and while Max at first believes Chris and his companions Todd and Larry are there to handle the zombies, Chris is in truth looking for his partner Jill, amd Max decides to take him up to his apartment to talk to Doom.

Once up there, Max calms a panicking Doom and explains they're here about the zombies and not his various crimes. When Doom asks, "What zombies?" Max turns on a news report detailing the outbreak...that Doom simply writes off as it being Halloween...until Max reminds him that its March. Max explains that Chris is looking for Jill and Wesker, and a tense standoff ensues when Chris and Wesker encounter each other but Max once again manages to defuse the situation, explaining that Wesker has been trying to help out and find a job. Max asks Wesker to leave for a little while since Max doesn't any more fighting in the apartment. Todd soon points out Max's reputation at training people in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and offers to teach Chris, despite the agent's assurance there is nothing to teach him and that while there may be a zombie outbreak at the moment, Max begins a tutorial on the agent anyway.

After wrapping up mobility, throws and health, Max questions Chris's gaming preference, and learns he's a typical Xbox jock, and Max takes the chance to show off his Call of Duty gear, though after Doom questions him about having it, it becomes clear why Max didn't use it when they ran into all those villains.

The tutorial resumes with Chris's specials and assists, Max advises Chris about using his superior physical strength in battle, with Larry and Todd taking shots at him, though Chris quickly hits Doom when he tries to join in.

After watching Chris workout, Max questions him on whether he's building all that strength up to fight super-villains, but Chris explains it's all for the ladies. Max is then called a nerd but joins in Chris and the others watching Doom attempt a situp and fail.

After covering Chris's hypers, Chris is called by his sister Claire and Max just listens as Chris complains about her clinginess and then punchs Todd in the groin.

After finishing the tutorial by explaining combos, Chris thanks Max for his help, with Max saying he and Jill owed him, before asking about Jill again. After Doom explains he sent her back into Resident Evil 5, Chris panics but before anything can be said, the power goes out, with Max freaking out about the zombies cutting the power...until Doom explains he forgot to pay the electric bill. When Chris drops a chemical flare, the group sees that they're surrounded and begin taking out the zombies one by one.

The morning after, Max, Doom and Chris have survived while Larry and Todd were killed in the struggle. Max wonders aloud how this could have happened...just as Wesker walks into the room.

Dark Phoenix Rises

The 3-on-3 Battle

Time Travel with Doom

Sometime after the fight against Taskmaster, M.O.D.O.K. and Deadpool, Max has been spending "days" in his new place trying to win a match of UMvC3, only to be snapped out of it by Wesker letting him know that Doctor Doom has messed up their new place (e.g. putting bacon on the ceiling fan) and to meet him outside the mall at 1:15 PM. Max gets to Doctor Doom, three minutes later than he was told to and finds out that due to a breach of the space time continuum, Max never went to the Marvel Super Heroes tournament he was supposed to go to in the past, which is why he isn't winning a match of UMvC3 in the present. Doctor Doom intends to remedy this by using the Infinity Gauntlet, which he stole from Thanos while building him a new gem set, which turned out to be crossgauge and defense gems which he though would take him weeks to figure out that they were worthless, unfortunately Thanos tracked him down as he said this and even without the Infinity Gauntlet, he demonstrates enough power to cause a nearby explosion.

Doctor Doom and Max then try to get away from him and his lackey, seeing no way out of it, Doctor Doom uses the Time Gem to travel through time. They end up in 1997, near the time that the tournament takes place. They decide to practice for it at Max's old room (after having a brief conversation with a past version of Albert Wesker when he was a police officer) Unfortunately the Time Gem got fried in the trip from 2012 to 1997, so they need to get the Time Gem that's in the possession of the earlier version of Thanos, which based on Max's inability to beat him, it looks unlikely that they'll get back to 2012... After going over the tutorial, Max was tired out and suggested that he and Doctor Doom go for some sushi, after an incident involving Bruce Banner and a past version of Albert Wesker is resolved by Doom, they head to the place where the tournament takes place.

Doctor Doom then pushed Max into where the Marven Super Heroes tournament is and downs some yogurt while he waits for Max to get the Time Gem from Thanos by winning the tournament (Doctor Doom bet a number of things on it, including top secret latverian technology) which made Thanos angry, although Max was able to distract him long enough to run away with Doom (narrowly avoiding being kicked in the nuts) once they return to the present, they're greeted by Thanos who is surprisingly nicer than he was last time they saw him in 2012 where he told them to "return the Infinity Gauntlet when they're done with it". They then find out that something is off when they find out that Captain Commando has returned, when he should be missing for over 10 years, knowing this they travel time again to investigate this...

The Reign of Commando

Live-Action Appearances

Maximillion appears in every episode of Assist Me!

Abilities and Skills

Max is a semi-professional gamer and very skilled in multiple titles, ranging from shooters to his forte, fighting games. This has caused several villains in the series to underestimate him, failing to understand that Max is quick-witted and a fast thinker, having more than once come up with a plan to save the day. While not a physical fighter, Max has used his arcade stick to knock down the likes of Wesker and Captain Commando and has also geared up in a Call of Duty outfit complete with assualt rifle, and was more than able to take out several zombies that invaded his apartment. He was also briefly possessed by Ghost Rider, affording him all the abilities of Ghost Rider himself but Max had no control during this.

In Other Media

Maximillion appears in every other video relating to the Assist Me! series, including outtakes and bonus episodes.


  • Max's transformation into Ghost Rider can be attributed to Youtube commentators, comparing Max's appearance with Nicholas Cage. (Doctor Doom made a number of references to him during Part 2 of his Episode of "Assist Me") Also in some Outtakes Max parodies Cage's behavior, such as looking straight at the camera.