"Yeah, we're gonna have to call you back."









First Appearance

Assist Me!; Season 2, Episode 5

Origin Series


Portrayed by

Jay "Viscant" Snyder

The Manager is an episodic character in a web series Assist Me!. So far, he was featured only in one episode.

Zombie OutbreakEdit

"So, uh, what makes you think you're qualified for this position, Mister... Wisker?"

As Albert Wesker decided to accept the job of an office janitor, he has to have an interview with the manager about his future job. The manager asks Wesker why he's trying to get this job, and Wesker responds that he's more qualified than any mere mortal, as he is a 'god amongst the men'. Later he corrects himself, saying that he is highly motivated and skilled. When the manager asks him what kind of skills he is going to bring to the position of an office janitor, Wesker claims that he will 'cleanse the filth from this facility with the efficiency of a viral missile'. The manager stares at him puzzled, Wesker threatens him that if he will not stop, he will rip him (the manager) limb from limb and feed him to his Cerberus. A repulsed manager states that they'll call him back, and angry Wesker curses and slams his fist on a table.

Live-Action AppearancesEdit

The Manager has appeared in the following episodes of Assist Me!

  • Assist Me! Featuring Chris Redfield Part 2