X-23 Tutorial
Season 1, Episode 3
Release date 7/12/2011
Written by Andrew Schieffer
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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The X-23 Tutorial is the third episode of the Marvel Vs. Capcom tutorial series ASSIST ME! It was originally released on YouTube July 12, 2011. The episode was written by Andrew Schieffer and directed by Maximilian Christiansen, the series creator.

Plot Edit

Part 1 Edit

Max exits his car in the parking lot and is about to head back to his place until he heard a loud sound. Curious about the sound he looks around and then hear some footsteps. Suddenly, a mysterious figure appears before his eyes but as she rushes towards him, she disappears. However she appears behind him telling him to hands up as Max does. He turns around to see X-23 (a.k.a Laura Kinney), as he's amaze by her beauty. She tells Max that he's looking for Wesker and word is that Max and him are old buddies. Max denies it but Laura threaten him with her claws to tell where Wesker is. Max tries to tell her that he and Doom already taken care of him but Laura refuse to believe it as Wesker will never tell him his plan. Seeing it's pointless, in a fit of rage, she takes out her anger by destroying a bike that's near her. After she calms down, Laura tells him that he's going to train here until further details and needs to use his house, seeking for his help. Sigh, Max tells him that she's not listening and have some drama in the past weeks but Laura threaten him again with her claws that she's not asking. Not taking any chances, Max decides to help her. Max shows his house but Laura tells him that she's not interested in it. As both sits at his couch, once Max explains that he decides to cover her tutorial, Laura smells something like an auto shop and bacon. Doom suddenly appears behind them, asking Max who is she and tells Laura it's old spice.

Once Max covers her mobility and movement, Max tries to explains to her but she seems side-track while Doom stares at her, as Max comments that he's giving a creepy stare. Doom tells him that Laura doesn't have much ink in the game while Max ask her where did she has tattoos. She tells her in her words that she doesn't have many ways to express herself and she likes the pain. Max questions her about her parents but she just say she a 19-year-old assassin and parents aren't essential. Doom ask if it cost a lot as he wants to get a sweet Latverian girl tattoo. Surprised, Max ask if he's serious about it but Doom yells at him what's his problem. Laura says that she doesn't pay for things. As Max ask about it, Laura gets the wrong idea and show him her claws. Both seems to get the idea on what she says and decides to continue the tutorial.

After Max covers her specials, Laura decides to head to the kitchen without bother to tell them. Max and Doom looks at her and Max's curious of her problem as no girl acts like that and thinks she's the weirdest girl he ever met. But at Doom's point of view , Doom imagines her eating the strawberry yogurt and just says she is the most amazing thing Doom ever see. Max takes a look at her again only to see her eating it like an animal. Confuse, he tells him she's all his and return back to the tutorial.

Once Max covers her supers and explains to her, Doom interrupts him and ask him to go to the back for a second. Max apologize to her and follows Doom. Doom tells him that thing's didn't go so well as Laura didn't notice her. Max tells him since he's a king since he needs to be charming in which ask him what he does in Latveria. Doom snaps his finger, trying to make Max forget what he says but fails. Max laughs and says it's not funny and tells him to make a good conversation with her. Doom thinks it's a good idea and decides to give it a try. However, it doesn't turn out well and once he talks about his 'finger lasers' and 'hidden missiles', Laura in disgust runs back outside to vomit while Max shrugs telling him "Real smooth buddy! Real smooth!" despite Doom argues back that he did it right.

Part 2 Edit


Just before Max explains her assist, Ammy came. Doom notice her and Max advise him that both will stay still and doesn't notice her but Laura is happy to see Ammy and decides to gives her a hug as both of them tries to stop her. Surprisingly, Ammy doesn't bite her and Laura takes a liking of her, making both of them surprise to see it. Doom says it's weird while Max says it's a bit disturbing.

Just as Max finish explaining her assist, Doom lies that Ammy needs her upstairs. But as Max didn't hear anything, Doom pulls Max closer telling him that Doom and Laura need some time without him and Max leaves them. Doom attempt to flirt with Laura but she ignores him. To Ematters worse, Max came down telling Doom about him using all the toilet paper. Angrily, Doom tells Max to shut up while Max throws him the empty roll at him.

As Max finishes her mixup and tricks, Doom, being salty, decide to get some drink in the fridge. Laura apologize to Max about before and appreciate for what he teaches her and assume that Wesker will never see this coming. Max tells her that he won't since he's dead. Laura's confuse about it as Max decides to tell her that Doom manage to kill him two weeks ago. Laura was surprise that Doom kills him and both looks at him, drinking a carton of milk. Max tells her that he's a bit surprise that the odds favor Wesker. Like Doom's imagination in Part 1, Laura now thinks Doom is absolute amazing as he manage to defeat the most feared villain in history. Max tries to adds that he help but Laura ignores it and tells him to look at him as she's imagining him drinking like a prince charming despite Max seeing him burp after that.

So after completing her combos and ending her tutorial, Laura thanks him for teaching him and better be going. But then she stops to see Doom, still sadden about it, wants Doom to come with her. To Doom surprise she ask him to call her 'Laura' as she calls him 'Victor' while Doom suggest to get married immediately and she agrees and get out of this 'hell hole' (to Max surprise). Doom was going to sing until Max stops him for doing so. They decide to leave but before they do Laura wants to kiss him. However, as Doom tries to stop her, she screens and leave him as she sees her disfigured face behind the mask.

Minutes late, Doom cries because of it while Max says it's a shame as she should really remove the skin rash out of his face. Doom wails that she's the one that she like and never be replace. Max tries to comfort him that there's a lot of female attractive characters in this game that he could find. Doom ask both Max and Ammy for a hug but both disagrees, as Doom walks out of the house in despair, ending the episode.





'ASSIST ME' Featuring X-23 TRAILER

'ASSIST ME' Featuring X-23 TRAILER

Part 1Edit

'ASSIST ME!' Featuring X-23 Part 1 (MVC3 Tutorial Parody)

'ASSIST ME!' Featuring X-23 Part 1 (MVC3 Tutorial Parody)

Part 2Edit

'ASSIST ME!' Featuring X-23 Part 2 (MVC3 gameplay tutorial)

'ASSIST ME!' Featuring X-23 Part 2 (MVC3 gameplay tutorial)


Marvel vs Capcom 3 'Assist Me!' X-23 Outtakes

Marvel vs Capcom 3 'Assist Me!' X-23 Outtakes

ASSIST ME! X-23 Lost Outtakes Part 2

ASSIST ME! X-23 Lost Outtakes Part 2