Albert Wesker Tutorial
Season 1, Episode 2
Release date 5/12/2011
Written by Maximilian Christiansen
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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The Albert Wesker Tutorial is the second episode of the Marvel Vs. Capcom tutorial series ASSIST ME! It was originally released on YouTube May 12, 2011. The episode was written and directed by Maximilian Christiansen, the series creator.

Plot Edit

Part 1Edit


Max greets his viewers and tells them that he's going to show them how to play as Albert Wesker. As Max sets up his training mode, the lights go out, prompting Max to groan "Not again!". When the lights come back on, Max turns around to see Wesker standing behind him in the kitchen. Max and Wesker approach each other as Max demands to know how Wesker found him. Wesker sucker-punches Max in the gut and then notices Marvel 3 on the television. Max tells him that he's about to shoot the tutorial and he asks Wesker to leave, but Wesker tells Max that the tutorial is exactly why he's there. He tosses Max to the couch and smugly takes a seat.

During Wesker's movement and mobility tutorial, Max asks Wesker how Umbrella Corp. taught him how to teleport. However Wesker responds that he picked up that skill himself. Wesker pulls out a gun asking Max if he's thirsty. Max says yes, and Wesker shoots the gun, teleports over to Max's fridge, grabs a drink, and teleports back to the couch, giving Max the drink. Max asks why Wesker used the gun, and Wesker defensively tells Max that he doesn't need to use the gun to teleport. Max calls his bluff, stating "You don't know how to teleport without using the gun, do you?", which angers Wesker. Wesker demands that Max move along with the tutorial.

Later, as Wesker gloats about his skills, a stage light falls in front of them. Wesker breaks the fourth wall to ream the Lighting Guy, declaring that it has taken him thirteen takes to get the shot right. The Lighting Guy apologizes but Wesker shoots him in the chest. Max tells Wesker it's not okay to shoot his film crew, but the Lighting Guy gets up again, saying he thinks he'll be fine. Wesker shoots him again, but the Lighting guy gets back up once more, telling Wesker that he just needs to fix the light. Enraged, Wesker shoots him three more times, complaining that he has more health than the Hulk.

Later, as Wesker's takes notes, he declares that with this data he'll be able to achieve "complete global saturation." Max is curious about the use of that phrase, and asks Wesker what it means. Wesker assures him that it means exactly what Max thinks it does, prompting Max to have dirty thoughts, which grosses him out.

As the tutorial continues, Doom appears from upstairs wearing a robe and brushing his teeth. Doom demands to know what Wesker's doing at the apartment, but Max is equally curious as to why Doom is there and using his toothbrush. Wesker and Doom stand toe-to-toe, exchanging smack-talk, and Max makes an attempt to calm them down.

Part 2 Edit


Max notices that Wesker isn't paying attention to the tutorial, and is instead staring at Ammy. Wesker moves to pet her. Max tries to warn him but Doom tells him to keep quiet, leading to Wesker getting bitten by Ammy.

After explaining Wesker's Rhino Charge super that can be very useful if he's under pressure, Wesker argues that Max knows nothing about pressure. Wesker explains that he hasn't seen his family in years and never got any birthday parties, which makes Doom laugh. He adds that his father never taught him how to play baseball and he hates Christmas because he never gets anything he asks for. While Doom laughs about it, Max feels sorry for Wesker and asks how he deals with it. Wesker says he his luxurious gun collection makes up for a lot, and he randomly takes out a bottle of booze and chugs it.

Shortly later, a drunken Wesker tells Doom to look at how much color is in the game. Doom agrees that it looks like Willy Wonka threw up on the TV screen. Wesker and Doom then debate whether Max looks like the guy who appears on Con-air (Nicholas Cage) but Doom says he's more like Chad Kroeger. A fed up Max puts an end to the argument, and then Wesker wants to show the guys a "cool trick". Wesker attempts to spin his gun around his finger but he accidentally shoots himself in the leg.

Later, a sobered up Wesker takes notes as Max continues to cover the game with him. Doom goes to the kitchen to look for a drink, and finds a can labeled "Tricell". Thinking it's an energy drink, he drinks it while heading back to the couch. Both Max and Wesker notice what's he drinking and Wesker yell at him for drinking his virus sample. Surprised, Doom sets the drink down as Max and Wesker turn back to the TV. Only seconds later, Doom lifts the drink again, only to get yelled at in protest by both Max and Wesker. Doom responds with a big "WHAT?!" to them. Minutes later, Doom is seen downing a bottle of Tums and Wesker taunts him. Doom leans over the couch to vomit on the floor.

Wesker takes an arcade stick to go one-on-one against Max in MvC3 as Doom watches and eats popped corn. Wesker is unable to best Max, and screams in fury when Max K.O.'s him.

Part 3 Edit


Max finally finishes the tutorial, and Wesker say he has to be going as he has collected enough combat data. He knocks Max out cold and begins to make his exit, declaring to Doom that he can now spread Uroborous to every household in the U.S. Doom, realizing that millions will die (Wesker corrects - "billions") dislikes the idea since Doom believes that humanity belongs to him. The two begin to fight in Max's living room and kitchen area, and are quite evenly matched until Wesker gets fed up with Doom and palm strikes him over the couch. Wesker pulls out his pistol, ready to finish Doom off.

Max manages to wake up just in time to see Wesker about to deliver the final blow. Looking at the game screen, Max realizes their avatars on-screen are in the same position - Max quickly grabs his arcade stick. Wesker turns to fire at Max, but Max inputs the Photon Array command, causing Doom in reality to blast Wesker from the side. Weakened by Doom's attack, Wesker collapses, and Doom is able to finish him off with Doom's Time. As the human-sized blender detonates, Wesker vanishes without a trace. An exhausted Doom collapses to the floor.

Max checks on Doom, who asks if he got Wesker. Max says he doesn't think Wesker's coming back. Doom declares that he's Max's father, and when a shocked Max asks "Really?", Doom laughs and tells him no. Max realizes Doom isn't even dying, and helps him up. Doom asks if he can spend the night, and Max says "Sure you can, buddy. Sure you can."


Production on this episode began almost immediately after the release of the Doctor Doom Tutorial. Matthew Simmons, the actor portraying Doom, contacted friend (and Wesker cosplayer) Michael Young about portraying Wesker. Mike suggested to Max to twist Wesker by making him an alcoholic with father issues, which Max utilized in the script he wrote.

The film crew included Andrew Schieffer and Daniel Campbell, who had also worked on the Doctor Doom Tutorial, as well as Max's wife Jessica Christiansen, who handled all scenes with Bennie, her dog who portrays Ammy.

The entire first day of filming was dedicated to the fight scene from part 3, where both Mike and Simmons were exhausted by fighting for hours on end in their costumes under very hot stage lights. Dan repeatedly had to take a towel to their faces to remove sweat, while Jessica fanned them between takes. The second day was much easier, as all they had to do was film couch scenes.


  • First appearance of Albert Wesker
  • First fourth-wall breaking scene
  • First appearance of the Running Gag: Max looks like Nicholas Cage (although this had been referenced in the outtakes for the Doctor Doom Tutorial)
  • Wesker's gunshot/teleport joke is a reference to players hastily putting in the input to teleport in MvC3, which is so similar to the input to fire Wesker's gun that they often fire by accident every time they teleport.
  • Wesker's line "Do you want to feel how hard I can punch?" is a reference to Woody Harrelson's character Tallahassee in "Zombieland".
  • Wesker's dialog during his outburst at the Lighting Guy is partially taken from a similar situation on the set of "Terminator: Salvation" where actor Christian Bale lost his temper with a lighting technician.
  • Wesker's "complete global saturation" is a reference to the character's dialog in Resident Evil 5.
  • Wesker's line about hating Christmas is a reference to the DC Comic "The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special".
  • When Doom vomits on the floor, Wesker asks "Did any of that get in the trashcan?" to which Doom chuckles and replies "No." This is a reference to the animated series Archer, and was improvised by Mike and Simmons.
  • During Max and Wesker's MvC3 match, Doom complains that his popped corn isn't "nearly salty enough", at which point Max starts to whoop Wesker, which angers him. Wesker's anger is clearly a reference to an FGC player getting "salty" when they lose a match.
  • Doom's taunts during his fight with Wesker are largely based on video-games. He tells Wesker that he'll be the star of the next MvC3 patch (implying Wesker is broken and is going to be nerfed), as well as referencing old-school Resident Evil games' save systems (ink ribbons, etc.)



Marvel Vs Capcom 3 The Online Warrior 'Assist Me' Wesker TRAILER

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 The Online Warrior 'Assist Me' Wesker TRAILER

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'ASSIST ME' feat

'ASSIST ME' feat. Wesker PT 1 (Marvel vs Capcom 3 tutorial Parody)-0

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'ASSIST ME' feat

'ASSIST ME' feat. Wesker PT 2 (Marvel vs Capcom 3 tutorial Parody)-0

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'ASSIST ME' feat. Wesker PT 3 Doom Vs

'ASSIST ME' feat. Wesker PT 3 Doom Vs. Wesker (Marvel vs Capcom 3 tutorial)-0


ASSIST ME Wesker vs Doom Outtakes

ASSIST ME Wesker vs Doom Outtakes

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