Taskmaster Tutorial
Season 2, Episode 4
Taskmaster 2
Release date 7/27/2012
Written by Michael Young
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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The Taskmaster Tutorial is the fourth and final episode of Season 2 of the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom tutorial series ASSIST ME! It was originally released on YouTube July 27, 2012. The episode was written by Michael Young and directed by Maximilian Christiansen, the series creator.


Part 1Edit

"That is the dumbest superpower Doom has ever heard of."

After quickly recapping the events of the previous episode where Max and Doom discovered the true culprit behind the zombie outbreak -Taskmaster- the scene shifts to a residential neighborhood where Deadpool is seen happily jaunting down the sidewalk, with intermediate cuts of a figure standing over a large collection of firearms, from assault rifles and machineguns to handguns. Deadpool suddenly turns towards a wall and hops over it easily, landing in a crouch. As Deadpool moves towards a certain home, the figure standing over the gun loads a machingun and handgun, holstering the handgun as Deadpool continues to approach. A garage door opens revealing the figure with the guns holding a sword- Taskmaster. Deadpool asks him if he's ready to go and Taskmaster responds with, "Let's lock and load Wade." Before sheathing his sword and the two head off.

The scene shifts to a panicked Doom hastily stealing various items from Max's kitchen and stuffing them into a bag when Max cautiously peaks around a corner, asking Doom what he's doing and what has him so worried. Doom is reasonably shaken after witnessing someone more powerful than Phoenix break her and wants to leave as soon as possible and Max does his best to calm Doom down, suggesting they handle Taskmaster first. Doom demands to know how and Max suggests using Taskmaster's ability to mimic opponents against him. As Max rushes into his living room and snatches up his arcade stick to begin the tutorial, Doom stands in the kitchen a moment longer to insult Taskmaster's only power before joining Max.

After covering the first segment of the tutorial, Max is annoyed when he sees Doom isn't paying attention and jumps when Doom reveals he's wearing one of Taskmaster's masks. Max asks him what he's doing and Doom explains he's "Method acting" and hopes that by tapping into Taskmaster's brain that will allow him to beat the mercenary. Max notes that's not how it works and Doom huffs before asking, "What do you know about acting?"

After the next segment, Max tells Doom to watch out for Taskmaster's attacks but Doom could care less and announces his plan to use his ultimate attack: A net. Max is confused, asking when that became one of his specials and Doom explains it was DLC (Only 8.95!). Max points out that Taskmaster has a sword but Doom explains the net is woven from the back hair of the eldest Latverian women. Max is visibly disgusted and suggests Doom use something useful, like a gun. Doom only roars "GUNS ARE FOR PUSSIES!"

After covering Taskmaster's assists, Doom suddenly urges Max to stop, sniffing the air and saying his "Ninja senses are tingling..." when Strider appears on the couch next to Max and Doom. Strider says he heard they were in trouble and is there to help. Doom is confidant with Strider by his side, Taskmaster stands no chance and the two bro-fist while saying, "Rocks to the end!" Max tells them they still have to finish the tutorial and prepare for Taskmaster...

Meanwhile, Taskmaster and Deadpool are in Taskmaster's van at a stoplight with Deadpool annoying Tony by continually asking if they're there yet. Taskmaster snaps at him to stop asking that. Deadpool then questions Taskmaster's choice of vehicle and Taskmaster defends himself and says his van is better than Deadpool's "fruity scooter". Deadpool calls it a "motorbike" and tells Taskmaster to shut up. After a beat of silence Deadpool resumes asking if they're there yet and Taskmaster snaps at him to shut up. Deadpool points out the green light and they resume their drive. When Deadpool complains that he has to go to the bathroom, Taskmaster shoots him.

Part 2Edit

"This looks like a fair fight: Three on three."

Taskmaster and Deadpool arrive at their destination point, meeting up with M.O.D.O.K., who is annoyed that they're late. He informs both that the target is specifically Doctor Doom, and Taskmaster tells Deadpool there's a lot of money riding on this job and says that he won't "Clean up your exploded corpse again." Deadpool assures Taskmaster he understands but is distracted by M.O.D.O.K.'s 'G.I. Joe arms'. Taskmaster declares it's time to go work and three head off, with Deadpool still murmuring about M.O.D.O.K.'s arms.

After the next segment of the tutorial, Max warns Strider and Doom about Taskmaster's hypers when they hear the sliding door open. Standing up, the three look into the kitchen and are shocked to see Taskmaster, Deadpool and M.O.D.O.K. Taskmaster mocks Max for leaving the door open while Deadpool just happily greets them. Taskmaster, while not recognizing Strider, makes it clear they just want Doom. Strider refuses and summons his sword, and Taskmaster insults him. Doom wants to start fighting now, and after M.O.D.O.K. calls him low-tier, he starts to charge over but Strider and Max stop him. Max says they need to finish the tutorial or M.O.D.O.K. will bet he least of their worries. Deadpool confirms this and is told to shut up from both him and Taskmaster. Wesker suddenly appears and tells Max to go upstairs while he, Doom and Strider handle the assassins. Max is eager to comply while Doom is confused that Wesker wants to help them. Wesker explains he owes them and that "If anyone's going to kill you, it's going to be me." Doom and Wesker share a handshake and as Deadpool starts to sing "Bad Romance", with everyone shouting at him to show up.

After going over the final part of the tutorial, Taskmaster, Deadpool, M.O.D.O.K., Doctor Doom, Wesker and Strider stare each other down as Taskmaster comments on how a three on three fight seems fair. Wesker however decides that he doesn't like those odds and shoots M.O.D.O.K. in the head, instantly knocking him out and freaking out Deadpool. Taskmaster draws his own gun and Wesker shoves Strider and Doom out of the way, causing Doom to stumble over the couch. Taskmaster gets off several shots but Wesker dodges them by teleporting and uses a palm thrust to knock Taskmaster down for a moment. Deadpool tries to attack Wesker ("Stunt double!") but Wesker parries his blows and knocks Deadpool with a single chop ("My stunt double...") Taskmaster gets back up and opens fire again, but Wesker uses his superior speed to dodge each bullet. Furious, Taskmaster charges Wesker and manages to push him back, but Wesker simply smirks and slams his knee into his gut and slams his elbow down on his back before throwing him aside easily. Taskmaster lands and spots his gun while Wesker simply adjusts his sunglasses and challenges Taskmaster. Annoyed by Wesker's cockiness, Taskmaster boldly steps up to him and throws two punches that Wesker catches...but Taskmaster just chuckles and tells him, "I got your moves." and headbutts Wesker, knocking him back. Taunting Wesker with "What you got?" Enraged, Wesker charges forward but Taskmaster teleports and dodges the blow. Laughing mockingly, Wesker looks wildly around before Taskmaster calls from behind him, "Over here."

Wesker whirls around but Taskmaster teleports again and reappears behind Wesker before attacking him furiously and knocking him back into the kitchen with a roundhouse kick. Collecting his gun, Taskmaster fires several shots, hitting Wesker, who ducks behind the fridge door before calling to Doom "Assist me!" Doom suddenly rises up from the couch and grabs his net, charging Taskmaster who drops his gun and goes for his sword, easily deflecting the net with his sword. Taskmaster engages Doom, while Wesker notices M.O.D.O.K. and smirks deviously...

Doom dodges Taskmaster's sword strokes and lands a 'footdive' on Taskmaster's rear, shoving him forward. After mocking Taskmaster, the mercenary charges forward and brings his sword down in a powerful overhead chop that Doom manages to catch between his hands. Deadpool suddenly recovers and wanders into the living room, bumping into Strider, who he proceeds to mock while Taskmaster threatens Doom further. Strider suddenly snatches Deadpool's hand and painfully twists it just as Doom unleashes the finger lazers on Taskmaster, knocking him down. Holding Taskmaster's sword, Doom scoffs, "Scrub," and throws it aside.

Strider finally lets Deadpool's hand go and Deadpool draws his sword, though Strider refuses to use a weapon against him, much to Deadpool's amusement, and the Merc With a Mouth lets out a battle cry as he raises his weapon only for Strider to unleash a sudden powerful barrage of blows on Deadpool, forcing him to drop his weapon in pain. Deadpool tries to counter with his own hand-to-hand but Strider easily parries each attack and throws Deadpool down. Doom asks Strider if he's got Deadpool and Strider responds by calling Deadpool "Child's play." Angered, Deadpool pulls out a machingun and opens fire on a stunned Strider...with each and every bullet missing and hitting M.O.D.O.K. Deadpool sheepishly admits he thought Strider would dodge and tries to reload when Strider snatches the weapon away and uses his Legion Hyper...

Calling down Ammy dressed in tin-foil. Amused, Deadpool happily greets her and offers her chocolate- only to get viciously mauled by the demi-goddess. Wesker walks over to Strider and points out his troubles with that hyper and Strider sadly agrees. Wesker then suggests they finish this and move towards a groaning Taskmaster, who complains that Deadpool "Better have done your damn job" and when he sees Strider and Wesker over him, moans, "Aw sh*t."

Wesker hauls Taskmaster up and throws him to Strider, who kicks him to Doom, who punches him before unleashing the human sized blender. As Taskmaster is electrocuted, Doom declares "Play time is over, Tony!" before roaring, "NOW GET THE F**K OUTTA MY HOUSE!" and blows Taskmaster up.

As the dust clears, Doom, Strider and Wesker rise up along with Max who declares joyously, "THAT WAS AWESOME!" and congratulates his team for defeating Taskmaster. Doom pompously declares that he could have taken them down by himself but grudgingly offers his thanks to Strider and Wesker. Strider then announces he has to return to headquarters with the combat data from the fight and bids Max, Doom and "White Morpheus" farewell before teleporting away. Doom is saddened by Strider's departure but Max assures him they will see him again before turning to Wesker and thanking him for helping them.

Wesker somberly informs Max that they still have to find Taskmaster's employer and that his home isn't safe anymore, with Doom agreeing, reminding him that anyone who can "Mind-f**K" Phoenix is extremely dangerous. A saddened Max is handed his arcade stick and told to bring the 'essentials' before Wesker begins walking away and announcing "Tacos are on me!" with Doom agreeing. Max takes one last look at his apartment, remembering all the past tutorials and encounters with various Marvel and Capcom characters over the years before sighing and following after them.

A short montage of past episodes plays before cutting back to the main episode, with Doom calling Max, who responds that he can't find Ammy. After grabbing the last of his stuff, Max looks back on his old home and sadly whispers, "I'm gonna miss this place." before finally leaving.

Seconds later, Deadpool suddenly rises back up and triumphantly exclaims, "I'm alive!"...only to be mauled by Ammy once again.

The credits show Max, Doom and Wesker walking off into the distance towards a new home and future...

After the credits, Max, Doom, Strider and Wesker are seen eating tacos in silence, with Wesker annoying Doom and Strider frustrated by his inability to eat his taco through his mask.



  • When Wesker tells Doom, "If anyone's going to kill you, it's going to be me," this is a reference to a similar line said by Sabretooth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
  • The first half of Wesker's battle against Taskmaster is a recreation of Wesker's fight against Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5.
  • Deadpool lampshades the fact he is played by Mike Young when he grapples with Wesker by saying, "Stunt double!"
  • When Deadpool rises back up and exclaims he's alive only to mauled once more, this is a direct reference to the ending of Hulk Vs Wolverine.




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