Shadows of the Past
Season 3, Episode 3
Release date Unreleased
Written by Michael Young
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen and
Andrew Scheiffer
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Shadows of the Past is a short film and the third episode of Season 3 of the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom tutorial series ASSIST ME! It is yet to be released. The episode was written by Michael Young, and co-directed by Andrew Schieffer and Maximilian Christiansen, the series creator.


This episode is not yet released.



  • The first appearance of Crimson Viper
  • The first appearance of William Birkin
  • The first appearance of Rebecca Chambers
  • Features the largest cast of characters in one episode to date, including:
    • Max
    • Doctor Doom
    • Albert Wesker
    • William Birkin
    • Crimson Viper
    • Chris Redfield
    • Jill Valentine
    • Barry Burton
    • Rebecca Chambers
    • Morrigan Aensland
    • Phoenix
  • The original outline for season 3 included 7 total episodes (4 tutorials and 3 short-films), and more character development in the story-arc than in any previous season. The third season was eventually trimmed down due to the amount of time it would take to complete, and this episode is the only short film that made the cut, due to its significance to the main plot.