Phoenix Tutorial
Season 2, Episode 3
Phoenix Assist Me
Release date 5/12/2012
Written by Matthew Simmons,
Maximilian Christiansen and
Michael Young
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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The Phoenix Tutorial is the third episode of Season 2 of the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom tutorial series ASSIST ME! It was originally released on YouTube May 12, 2012. The episode was co-written by Matthew Simmons, Maximilian Christiansen and Michael Young, and directed by Maximilian, the series creator.


Part 1

Two weeks after the zombie outbreak, Max is calling Wesker, and after getting his voicemail, pleads with him to come back to the apartment when Doom walks and hangs up the phone. Naturally, Max is annoyed, but Doom insists they are better off without Wesker. Just then a woman in a coat walks by, greeting both as she heads towards the fridge. Max is about to resume the argument when he is confused by the woman's sudden appearance, asking Doom who she is. Doom explains he got a new roommate to replace Wesker, and says she's even good with Ammy...who then mauls Doom's leg. The woman suddenly appears next to Max, and introduces herself as Jean. Max muses over her familiar sounding name, and as Jean takes off her coat, revealing her costume with a phoenix emblem, Max remembers who she is exactly (Complete with Yipes CEO reaction echoing in his mind) and screams in terror, flailing backwards and falling over his couch.

Doom and Phoenix exchange confused glances before Doom goes to talk to Max. Max yanks Doom over the couch with him and reminds a confused Doom of all his defeats from Jean in the original Marvel vs Capcom 3. Doom mulls over this a moment, recounting all the times Phoenix defeated him before becoming just as freaked out as Max. Jean walks over, asking if everything is okay. Doom tells Max he's got this before proceeding to lay down a very offensive rant and then asks Jean to take a hike. Max dryly and aptly mutters, "We're dead."

Jean is actually very understanding of the situation and then explains that's she been trying to keep her dark side at bay and that all she needs is a second chance. Doom sarcastically says he's convinced and Max tries to let Jean down easily by explaining all that he's been through the last couple of months, including the zombie outbreak and the "huge rap battle that cost thousands of dollars" but after Jean says she's seen Max's videos and think they're really funny. Max is delighted and decides to help Jean get better at Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3...while Doom just mutters that Max's videos are dumb.

After covering the first part of Phoenix's tutorial, Max is confidant that Jean still has her moves, even after the nerfs. Jean is happy too and then Doom suggests that she watch a movie if she's ever feeling down. He then plays the ending scene from the third X-Men movie, with Jean embarrassed to have even been in it. Doom calls it a "Brett Ratner classic!" but Max counters by playing Doom's scenes from the first Fantastic Four, and then Doom retaliates by playing a montage of Nic Cage's 'best' scenes from his various movies. Max can only shake his head and admit defeat with, "I got nothin'." Doom drops the remote with a victorious "Check. F**king. Mate." And the tutorial resumes.

After the second half of the tutorial, Max remains confidant in Jean's specials after the nerfs, but Doom then asks why Max doesn't use her if she's so good. Max explains that she was just too good in the first game, but Doom accuses him of sexism and Max counter's that Doom is just salty because Jean is the best character. Doom assures Max he is the best but Jean challenges this and Jean ultimately wins due to her more impressive 'credentials' and hammering the last nail in the coffin with "I won EVO." Max agrees and Doom simply screams in fury.

After covering Jean's best assists, Max calls Phoenix "Almost unstoppable" and says that's a pretty big confidence booster. Jean suddenly revels in her own power and Max tries to ask her to calm her down, but Jean snaps that everyone hates her and he wants her to "CALM DOWN?" Doom simply laughs and urges her to give into her dark powers...and surprise surprise, Jean realizes she can't control it and with a horrified scream from everyone, the apartment is engulfed in flames as Jean floats over Max and Doom, declaring she will unleash her fury and that all will despair from her terrible power. Max pleads with Doom to get them out of there, but Doom screams he doesn't work well under pressure. Both Max and Doom are helpless as Dark Phoenix looms over them...

Part 2

Doom pleads for mercy from Dark Phoenix, proclaiming he has 1500 hundred children to feed. Dark Phoenix ignores his pleads and begins to strangle him with her telekinesis, but Doom manages to reach to Jean by pleading with her to think of "Scott, Logan and Charles", and Jean faints as the Dark Phoenix loses its grip on her. Max and Doom panic when they see the apartment is still on fire and Max tries to put out a spot on the wall with a pillow while Doom rushes into the kitchen, opens the fridge (Releasing a blast of flame onto Doom) and uses the Finger Lazers to no avail. Max snaps at him that isn't how to put out a fire, and Doom only cries back, "BUT IT'S ALL DOOM KNOWS!!!" and uses the attack again before the screen goes black.

When the episode resumes, Max's apartment is no longer on fire, though burns can be seen, and Doom is still smoking. Max notes how close they were to dying, and Jean apologizes, promising to be more careful...before pointing out that Doom could have extinguished the flames with his finger snap. Max and Phoenix give Doom a look, but Doom defends himself by countering, "If she can't control her powers, Doom can't control his!" Rolling his eyes, Max picks up his arcade stick to resume the tutorial while Doom murmurs, "Unless he needs a drink..." and snaps his fingers, summoning a lager of Doom Equis to drink while watching the rest of the tutorial.

After covering Phoenix's hypers, Max warns Jean to watch for the right times when using them, and Doom takes a shot at Jean, saying, "You'd think a psychic wouldn't have any problem with that." Phoenix agrees and offers to reveal Max and Doom's innermost desires by reading their minds. Jean then reveals Max's most secret desire is to wake up alone in his apartment, play video games by himself uninterrupted, and only buy food for himself (From cute pizza girls) without an annoying roommate to bother him. Max tells Jean she "Nailed it" and Doom challenges Jean to try and get in his head, declaring himself a "closed book." Jean just deadpans: "You wanna see me and X-23 naked." The music stops and Max gives Doom a look when the director suddenly calls cut. The director says that the "Gorgeous naked chick scene" is next and that he's been looking forward to it all week. Max then tells the director they cut that scene out. The three crew members all give Max deathglares, with one pulls out a knife and asks the director, "You want me to stick him?" The director shakes his head and sits down on the couch (While a familiar cast member rises up from behind it...) next to Max, with Doom suddenly exclaiming in recognition, "Hey it's Larry!" but the Director snaps, "Shut up!" and Doom groans sadly. The director then goes on a tangent about all the problems he has to put up with when shooting in Max's apartment and how much he was looking forward to this scene, and Max apologizes but says they can't put it on youtube, not even as an outtake. The director calls "Bullshit!" and gets back up, snapping at another crew member before telling Max "I'm rolling!" Max and Phoenix quickly try to resume the tutorial like nothing happened, but a confused Doom can only ask, "Does that mean Larry's alive?"

After covering combo breakdowns, Max calls them "pretty effective" though Jean is unconvinced, saying she's not strong enough, and Doom snaps that if she's still feeling down, she should go out and get a tattoo or a piercing. Doom tries to show off his own but Max puts a stop to that and Jean pleads with Max to help her control Dark Phoenix.

Max wraps up the tutorial by explaining how to counter Dark Phoenix, and Jean thanks him for his help, while hoping once she's out there again, the community won't hate her anymore. While Max encourages her, he and Doom exchange hasty looks, but surprisingly, Doom offers Jean some encouraging words and the three share a heartfelt laugh together. Max suddenly asks Jean if she can help them find Wesker, and when Jean asks for a personal item of his, and Max gives her his apron. Jean focuses for a moment before telling Max and Doom that Wesker didn't cause the zombie outbreak. This surprises both of them and they ask who did. Jean focuses again and reveals Taskmaster released the T-Virus. Max realizes Taskmaster would have to have been working with someone to have done that and Doom suggests M.O.D.O.K. as his employer. Jean goes deeper with her powers but suddenly finds herself in a strange dimension where a monstrous voice greets her before laughing at Jean's fear. Back in Max's apartment, Max holds a screaming Jean, with both him and Doom panicking at her actions, before Jean opens her eyes, looks at Doom and whispers, "It's him."

Jean passes out and vanishes, with Max looking horrified...while Doom just asks, "Does this mean I gotta find another roommate?"


The original script for the episode was written entirely by Michael Young, and it contained some controversial humor based on certain incidents at Cross Assault. At the last minute, Maximilian Christiansen and Matthew Simmons decided to do a re-write, as they didn't like the controversial humor, and even Mike felt that the script was the weakest he'd written of the season. The final episode kept Mike's ending, with a new intro written by Max, and skits written by Simmons.


  • When Simmons wrote the scene featuring the fourth-wall break (where the crew argues with Max about a "nude scene" Max decided to cut out, he didn't think the rest would like it since it was such a huge fourth wall break and that humor was usually reserved for Deadpool. But the scene was too loved by the cast and crew, so it was kept.



'ASSIST ME!' Trailer Featuring Phoenix

'ASSIST ME!' Trailer Featuring Phoenix

Part 1


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Part 2


ASSIST ME! Feat. Phoenix Part 2 (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tutorial Parody)


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