Morrigan Aensland Tutorial
Season 3, Episode 2
Release date Unreleased
Written by Michael Young
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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The Morrigan Aensland Tutorial is the second episode of Season 3 of the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom tutorial series ASSIST ME! It is yet to be released. The episode was written by Michael Young, and directed by Maximilian Christiansen, the series creator.


This episode is not yet released.


The very first draft of this episode was a dual-tutorial featuring both Morrigan and Felecia, and both characters were going to appear at Max's house. However, this idea was scrapped due to concerns that the amount of in-game footage required to cover two separate characters would make this episode far too long. Instead, Morrigan was kept as she was more popularly requested, and a new script was written exclusively for her.

This episode was originally going to be included in season 2. After the Taskmaster episode, the Morrigan episode would happen, and then the season finale would happen (which is now the season 3 finale). But due to Capcom contacting Max to make Retro ASSIST ME! and Max being in the middle of moving to a new home, the Morrigan episode and the season 2 finale were bumped back, and the rest of the season 3 was written around this change, while the Taskmaster episode became the season 2 finale. The skits in this episode are largely unchanged from the days when it took place during season 2.

Originally, Michael Young's wife Barrie was going to play the part of Morrigan, and Kristen Mohamed was going to play Felecia. However, Barrie dropped out from the project and Kristen was re-cast as Morrigan. She made her own costume just for the role.

This episode had to be tackled differently when it came time to film, because of the number of characters present (Max, Doom, Wesker, Morrigan and X-23 are all in the living room at the same time.) Traditionally, all characters fit on the couch, but there was no way to fit that many. Instead, Morrigan and Wesker stand off to the side of the couch in a separate shot from Max, Doom and X-23.

This episode was one of the shortest shoots yet, with all filming being done in a single day.


  • X-23's first actual appearance since her episode in season 1 (her appearance in the Deadpool episode is a dream, and the Evo 2012 Special is not canon.)
  • The first episode to feature more characters in the living room than can fit on the couch.
  • Certain jokes had to be toned down in this episode, due to them being too lewd.