Doctor Doom Tutorial
Season 1, Episode 1
Release date 4/12/2011
Written by Maximilian Christiansen
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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The Doctor Doom Tutorial is the first episode of the Marvel Vs. Capcom tutorial series ASSIST ME! It was originally released on YouTube April 12, 2011. The episode was written and directed by Maximilian Christiansen, the series creator.


Part 1Edit

Max begins by explaining to the viewers that today's Marvel vs Capcom 3 : The Online Warrior is going to be a bit different. This episode is called Assist Me!, and in it he will show mid to high level strategies for individual characters. Just as he is about to proceed, the doorbell rings, alarming his dog Ammy. He tells the viewers to stay, and goes to check out who's at the door only to find out that no one is there. As he heads back to the couch, the lights in the room go out. An eerie red glow illuminates the place, and Max turns around to see Doctor Doom. Doom orders him to "Turn and run now and Doom will mercifully pretend this has never happened!". Max sighs in relief and reminds Doom not to come to his place past 10 p.m. Doom then snaps his fingers to turn on the lights, takes out a pillow and asks Max if he can spend the night. Max reminds him that he spent the night all last week, and that Doom still owes him 20 bucks. Doom quickly changes the subject, explaining that he's upset that Sentinel was nerfed for being too awesome. Doom wishes to be a top-tier character in Marvel 3, and is angry that he's just an assist character. Max realizes Doom doesn't even know his own potential in the game, and he invites Doom inside to show him the tutorial.

During Max's explanation of Doom's movement and mobility, he shows Doom how to use dashing to quickly manuever around the screen using Doom's jetpack jump. Doom declares that Max is doing it all wrong, and starts showing him how to play Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, not even realizing it's a different game. As soon Max finishes explaining Doom's movement and mobility, Doom notices Ammy. Doom attempts to pat her but Ammy growls and snaps at Doom. Frightened, Doom recoils and Max warns him not to get too close to her.

After he finishes explaining Doom's assist moves, Doom argues with Max that "Rocks" (Molecular Shield) is the best he has, but Max reminds him again that it's a different game now and he'll have to get used to that. Doom sighs and grumbles that he misses Marvel 2 and Strider Hiryu, who isn't in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Doom then shows Max a childishly-drawn picture of Doom and Strider, and Max shows Doom his own high quality fanart of Strider. Jealous, Doom tosses Max's entire art book out through the window.

Part 2Edit


After covering Specials, Max notes that Doom often snaps his fingers. Doom explains to him that although he doesn't know how it works, he can get anything he desires with just the snap of his fingers, including hundreds of missiles, a comfortable chair, a human-size blender (his term for Doom's Time) or even a delicious Mojito. He proves this by summoning a Mojito out of thin air. When Max asks if he can have one, Doom angrily yells that it only works for him.

Doom later makes a prank call to Reed Richards, taunting him regarding the death of the Human Torch. Doom turns off his cellphone and finds Max staring at him in shock, to which Doom shrugs and shouts "WHAT?"

As Max explains Doom's combos, Doom suggests a certain combo using X-factor. Max agrees and tests it out, and finds to his surprise that the simple combo does 1.2 million damage. Later, he notices Doom is missing and finds him in the bathroom, wasting Max's toothpaste in the sink. Doom declares that humanity is starting over on toothpaste, and that he will fight gingivitis by himself.

Having covered all of the tutorial, Doom and Max fight each other in MvC3. Using his newfound knowledge, a smack-talking Doom manages to defeat Max. After that, Max asks how Doom feels about himself in MvC3, and Doom replies that his confidence has risen exponentially. Max starts to usher Doom out, but before Doom goes, he wants him to do the Doom Fist High Five. Max reluctantly complies, and then tells Doom to get out.

Sitting back on the couch, Max tells the viewers that that's the end of Assist Me! featuring Doctor Doom, and asks the viewers to check back in for another update. His farewell is interrupted by a loud sound from the kitchen. He shouts to Doom, telling him that he had better not be eating all of the yogurt. Doom, his arms filled with the stuff, denies the accusation. Doom then mumbles to himself that he loves yogurt, and he begins to chug a beer from Max's fridge before he passes out on the floor.


Series creator Maximilian had the idea to combine his three passions - video games, art and teaching - and to make a tutorial series. As fighting games were amongst his favorites, and the newest big game on the market was Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, he decided to create a tutorial series with live action skits, featuring the characters in costume. His first idea was to do an episode with Albert Wesker, but Max considered the Doctor Doom episode easier to due given his resources at the time.

Max recruited Andrew Schieffer, a friend and film student, to help produce and film the series. Originally, Andrew would also play the role of Doctor Doom, but Andrew suggested instead that he stay behind the camera and they cast mutual friend Matthew Simmons in the role. Their friends Daniel Campbell and Phil Schieffer served as lighting attendants and prop handlers, and Max's wife Jessica made the costume for Ammy and worked with the dog for his cues.

Doctor Doom's costume was created by buying and modifying a cheap Halloween costume. The cloak was entirely remade by costumer Sandra Diana, the gloves were Halloween Darth Vader gloves, and the pants and boots were simply from Simmons' own wardrobe.


  • First appearance of Max
  • First appearance of Ammy
  • First appearance of Doctor Doom
  • First appearance of the Running Gag: Doom perpetually owes Max $20
  • First appearance of the Running Gag: Doom thinks everything was better in Marvel 2
  • First appearance of the Running Gag: Doom doesn't exactly know how his finger-snapping ability works
  • First appearance of the Running Gag: Doom loves yogurt
  • Doom's complaining about Sentinel being nerfed is in reference to a recent patch to the game Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
  • Doom's call to Reed Richards references the Human Torch's apparent death in the conclusion of the 2011 "Three" storyline, in Fantastic Four #587 (March 2011)
  • Doom uses fan-names for all of his own special moves. He calls Molecular Shield "Rocks", Doom's Time the "Human-Sized Blender", and Photon Array the "Finger Lasers".



Marvel Vs Capcom 3 The Online Warrior 'Assist Me!' feat. Dr

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 The Online Warrior 'Assist Me!' feat. Dr.Doom TRAILER

Part 1Edit

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 THE ONLINE WARRIOR Episode 4 'ASSIST ME' Dr

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 THE ONLINE WARRIOR Episode 4 'ASSIST ME' Dr. Doom Tutorial

Part 2Edit

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 'ASSIST ME' Dr. Doom Tutorial pt

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 'ASSIST ME' Dr. Doom Tutorial pt. 2


The Online Warrior 'Assist Me' Dr

The Online Warrior 'Assist Me' Dr. Doom Uncensored