Dante Tutorial
Season 3, Episode 1
Assist Me! - Dante
Release date 9/28/2013
Written by Andrew Schieffer and
Michael Young
Directed by Andrew Schieffer
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The Dante Tutorial is the first episode of Season 3 of the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom tutorial series ASSIST ME! It was originally released on YouTube September 28, 2013. The episode was co-written by Andrew Schieffer and Michael Young, and directed by Andrew Schieffer.


Part 1Edit

In the garage of Max's home, Wesker tortures a mercenary, pressing him for information about who hired Taskmaster. Although Wesker has beaten the merc to a pulp, he doesn't give up any info. In the living room, Max and Doom hear the wails of pain coming from the garage, and wonder what's going on. Max grabs his phone to call for help, but Doom snatches it away and declares that he'll handle it.

Shortly later, Dante from the Devil May Cry reboot appears at the door. Doom doesn't recognize him, and after exchanging insults, slams the door in his face. Then, the classic Dante rings the doorbell, in response to Doom's phone call.

Later, Max and Dante sit alone on the couch as Max explains the numerous in-game moves list to Dante. Dante is bored and unappreciative of Max's work, having expected to play a "real game" where he can slay some demons. Just then, otherworldly cries echo down from the second floor. Even Wesker and the mercenary can hear them, all the way down in the garage - although this only distracts Wesker for a few seconds before he resumes torturing the merc with a block of sandpaper. Dante rushes upstairs to investigate, and ultimately finds a pantsless Doom sitting on the toilet eating a block of cheese with hot sauce (which Doom throws at him).

Dante returns to the couch with a horrified look on his face while also recieving a look of sympathy from Max.

Part 2Edit

Dante is seen sitting on the couch naked, because now his nine-thousand dollars coat smells "like a bag of smashed assholes", and Doom chastises him for not giving him privacy. The washing machine buzzez, and Dante goes to check on his laundry, accidentally showing his private parts to Max and Doom who become disgusted. Max starts talking about Dante's Hyper Combos while Doom starts bragging about his penis.

After Max finishes describing Dante's combos, Wesker enters the house with blood stains on his face and asks for the bleach. When Max and Doom ask him what happened, Wesker says it's nothing, and when he sees Dante, he claims to love his work in the reboot. The two exchange insults, and Dante states that there's no money on Max's card to pay for his services. Max realizes Doom spent all his money on yogurt and Filipino "massage therapists". Dante decides to leave the house and insults Wesker and Doom for the final time. When he goes outside, he gives his sword to X-23 who was waiting for him, making Doom jealous.


The Dante episode was written specifically to be the season premier of season 3, after the season outline went through many changes. At first, the crew attempted to cast Reuben Langdon in the role of Dante, even delaying filming at one point for a month to try to make the schedule work. However Reuben was extremely busy at the time with other projects, and although he was interested he wasn't able to take the role.

As a backup, both Ben Shuman (who plays Strider Hiryu, among other characters) and Sean Boundy (who plays Vergil) were considered for the role of Dante, and ultimately Ben was selected. The costume for Dante was ordered from an eBay seller, and modified only slightly for the production, including the crafting of a new leather belt and styling of the wig.


  • The single most requested tutorial since the debut of the series.
  • The first time in the series that the words "fuck" and "shit" are uncensored.
  • The scene with Doom meeting "Reboot Dante" (also called "Donte", or "Dino" by fans) is an obvious nod to the huge backlash that the reboot Dante got in favor of Dante's classic appearance. His dialogue is even taken from a scene in the videogame "DmC".


ASSIST ME The Final Season - DANTE Part 1 (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tutorial Parody)

ASSIST ME The Final Season - DANTE Part 1 (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tutorial Parody)