Chris Redfield Tutorial
Season 2, Episode 2
Release date 3/21/2012
Written by Michael Young
Directed by Maximilian Christiansen
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The Chris Redfield Tutorial is the second episode of Season 2 of the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom tutorial series ASSIST ME! It was originally released on YouTube March 21, 2012. The episode was written by Michael Young and directed by Maximilian Christiansen, the series creator.


Part 1Edit

Two months have passed since Deadpool attempted to kill Max and Doom, and Max is returning home one night when he spots a woman he mistakes for X-23, and as he tries to apologize to her about all of Doom's calls, he quickly notices something off about her as she staggers towards and after seeing the gaping wound in her chest, he realizes she is a zombie and tries to get away. Just as it looks like the zombie is about to make a meal out of Max, Chris Redfield appears and shoots the zombie in the head. Max is relieved to see Chris, and the agent introduces his backups, Larry Hayes and Todd Jennings. Both Max and Chris recognize the other and Max thinks the B.S.A.A. are here to handle the zombie outbreak...but Chris is quick to call zombies "So 1996" and explains he's looking for his old partner, Jill Valentine. Max remembers his encounter with Jill several months back and quickly rushes the agents up to his apartment, failing to see the zombie recover...

In Max's apartment, Doom is snacking on some chips and enjoying a Doom Equis commercial when Max and the agents walk in. Panicking, and mistaking them for federal agents, Doom tries to profess his innocence, before quickly reminding them he has diplomatic immunity. Max calms Doom down by explaining they're not here to arrest him or even deal with the zombies...with Doom then asking "What zombies?" Max turns the channel and a news broadcast reveals that a zombie outbreak has occured in Los Angles. Doom tries to shrug this off by saying it's Halloween, but Max reminds him that it's March. Doom then asks why they're here and Chris explains he's looking for Jill and leads on Albert Wesker...with Wesker's voice asking from the kitchen, "What about me?" Chris, Larry and Todd quickly grab their weapons and charge into the kitchen, with a flabergasted Chris gasping, "W-Wesker?!" the sight of Wesker holding a steaming tray of cookies and wearing an appron.

Spotting his eternal enemy, Wesker snarls, "Chris!" and draws his own pistol (dropping the tray in the process) but Max prevents any violence from erupting and quickly fills Chris in on recent events. Chris makes it clear he still doesn't trust Wesker, so Max asks Wesker to leave while Chris is around. Wesker agrees to leave, saying he has business elsewhere, though refuses to explain. As he leaves, Wesker gets in a good scare of Todd. Todd quickly asks Max if he does help people at Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Max offers to train the agents at the game, though Chris explains he's pretty good himself. Max tries to remind them that there's a zombie outbreak going on, but Chris and partners say they have some time to kill and declare, "LET'S PLAY SOME VIDEOGAMES! YEA-YEA!"

After finishing the first part of the tutorial, Max points out how Chris doesn't seem like the type for videogames, with Chris clarifying that he loves Xbox Live multiplayer titles. When Max and Doom suggest some single players, Chris asks if those are "chick games". Max suddenly heads off and when he returns geared up in some Call of Duty gear, though when Doom asks why Max never used this on any of the villains they ran into, Max bumbles with his rifle and Doom simply insults him further.

After going over some more of the tutorial, Chris gets annoyed when Todd and Larry bust his chops over his suspected steriod use and Chris punches Doom in the arm, causing the monarch severe pain. Doom curses at Larry and as he continues to whine about his arm, none of them are aware of the approaching horde of the undead...

Part 2Edit

Wesker is currently in an interview for a janitor position, but his anger over the manager's aloofness and his boasts of being a "God amongst men" cause the manager to say, "Yeah, we're gonna have to call you back." Wesker curses and slams his fist on the table, enraged.

Back at Max's apartment, Chris is doing pushup with Larry and Todd spotting him. When Max asks Chris if the reason he's building up his strength to fight, "Superhumans, monsters and...boulders?" Chris corrects him and explains that "Chicks dig the muscles." When Doom questions Max about this when he didn't tell him this when he was 'courting' X-23, Max disagrees but Chris just calls him a nerd, with Doom agreeing. Doom then attempts a single pushup but fails miserably.

Max then resumes the tutorial and after covering Chris's hypers and when best to use them, Chris gets a call from his sister Claire, and becomes annoyed, explaining to Max and Doom that she has abandonment issues. Todd takes the chance to call Claire a "sweet piece of ass", with Chris responding by punching him in the groin. Larry then exclaims, "Bro down!" but Todd weakly groans that he's fine.

After covering Chris's combos, the tutorial is concluded, and Chris thanks Max for actually teaching him some things he did not know. When Max mentions Jill again, Chris asks where she is and Doom reveals he sent her back into Resident Evil 5. Chris panics at this, saying they "Trapped her in a video game!" but before anything else can be elaborated, the power suddenly goes out. Max panics when Chris suspects the zombies did it, but Doom sadly reveals he forgot to pay the electric bill. Chris lights a chemical flare...and the group sees that they're surrounded by dozens of zombies.

Chris, Larry, Todd and Max ready their firearms while Doom gets in his Finger Lazer stance. As soon as Chris drops the flare, the zombies attack. The group take out as many as they can, with Doom even putting to rest the Mega Man Kids with the Finger Lasers, but Larry and Todd are overwhelmed.

The morning after, while Doom is still pumped from the battle, Chris and Max look on the carnage and wonder how this happened...

Just as Wesker walks in, drinking a soda and nonchalantly executing a surviving zombie with a single bullet. As Chris, Max and Doom glare at him accusingly, Wesker just asks, "What?"





'ASSIST ME!' Season 2 Trailer Featuring Chris Redfield

'ASSIST ME!' Season 2 Trailer Featuring Chris Redfield

Part 1Edit

ASSIST ME! Featuring Chris Redfield Part 1 (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tutorial Parody)

ASSIST ME! Featuring Chris Redfield Part 1 (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tutorial Parody)

Part 2Edit


ASSIST ME! Feat. Chris Redfield Part 2 (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tutorial Parody)


Assist Me! Chris Redfield Outtakes

Assist Me! Chris Redfield Outtakes